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The story of the Beach Boys:

The three brothers Brian Wilson (born in 1942), Dennis Wilson (born in 1944), and Carl Wilson (born in 1946) grew up in Hawthorne, California just few miles from the ocean.
The brothers had a cousin named Mike Love (born in 1914).
He often joined in on the important sessions and later became a member of the group.
The fifth member was Alan Jardine (born in 1942), he was Brian’s football teammate.
It was thanks to Alan’s parents that the group grew bigger, because they helped them with instrument and studio time to record the song “Surfin”, written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love and released in 1961.
When they released the single they made a contract with “Capitol” and at the same time they got a manager.
When Alan left the band to attend to college, David Marks (a friend of the Wilson’s) replaced him.

In the mid of 1962, the surf rock craze had just began to blossom.
The Beach Boys released there major-label debut, “Surfin Safari”.
The single hit the top 20.

Later they made a similarly song named “Surfin U.S.A.”.
It was the band finest out-going so far.
The single hit the Americas top ten.
And here it is.....
...The Beach boys with “Surfin U.S.A.”!!

Just after the released of the single Alan returned to the group.
By that time The Beach Boys had record there first two albums and a pair of 12-tracks collections.
Brian became there new manager and he began to expanding the group’s range beyond simple surf rock.

In 1964, “I Get Around” became the first number one hit for the Beach Boys and by that they began to tour in Europe.
But the pressure was to much for Brian,
he decided to quit the touring band and instead concentrate on the studio productions as there manager.

Bruce Johnston, born in 1944 then began Brian’s perment replacement.
With the Beach Boys as his musical messengers to the world,
Brian began to working full time in the studio.
He wrote many of there up-coming songs.,
for example “Salt Lake City”, “Help Me Rhonda” and “California Girls”.
That became one of his best productions mastery.

In the late 1965 the Beatles released “Rubber Soul” sense that album had consistently high quality Brian began writing songs with held from Tony Asher.
They spent more time working on the vocals and harmonies then any others previous project.
The result were released in May 19966.
It became one of the best produced rock LP’s ever, critics praised the album.
The Beach Boys next single “Good Vibrations”, released in October 1966
become the groups third number one.
It’s still stands as the best single of all time.
And here it is, “Good Vibrations”...

In 1967 the Beach Boys hope of becoming the world greatest pop group with bouth hippies and critics crashed.
Some of the reasons was because Brian, the manager
had began drug experimentation,
work fewer hours and appeared unsure of there decisions.

So the competion between them and the Beatles led to failure,
as the Beatles released “ Sargent Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band”.
As they started to lose more and more fans the Beach Boys started to thinking about quieting.


Now every thing started to get very well for group.
The Beach Boys did a hit collection named “Endless summer”.
The double LP hit number one.
It’s spend almost 3 years one the charts and went for gold.
A magazine also choused them to the “Band of the Year”.
There next collection “Spirit of America”
hit the top ten and Brian was back!!
After that many records and singles were made.

By 1988, Dennis and Carl decided to leave the group to start
there solo careers.
Dennis had then already released his first album called
“Pacific Ocean Blue”.
One year later Brian was removed from the group.
One of the reason was because of his weight problems,
he weight over 300 pound...

But the Beach boys survived.
With there single “Do It Again” they started to climb up in the top list once again.
“Capitol”, there record company dropped the band soon after.
Instead the Beach Boys signed to “Reprise”.
“Reprise” gave the group there own label “ Brothers Records”.
There first LP for the company was “1970’s Sunflower”,
that became a surpassingly strong album.


When Dennis drowned in 1983 it brought the group back togheter once again.
They made a few songs and released a LP named “Getcha Back”.
The hole time Brian was and unconcentrate.
The group knew that it was because of his mentor Dr. Eugene Landy.
He had practically taken over Brian’s life.
Brian didn’t care what the members sad he only listened to his mentor. Brian then left the group and released a solo album.

The rest of the members continued to writing songs,
but when Carl died from cancer, in 1998
it came as a big chock to the group.
The Beach boys made a break.
But in early 1999 the group went back together.
Then it was only two members left in the group,
Mike Love, one of the first beach boys
and Bruce Johnston, the reformer replacement for Brian.
They began to continue the Beach Boys history with some help from there friends.

What are the Beach Boys up to these days?

It’s very hard to answer to that, cause the Beach Boys have been chancing members sense the beginning.

Well, through 1997 the touring Beach Boys were
Carl Wilson, Alan Jardine, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston.
After Carl Wilson passed away in cancer the group broke up.
Later when they got back togheter only Mike Lo...

...läs fortsättningen genom att logga in dig.

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