Bokrecension: Eragon av Christopher Paolini

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One day Eragon was out haunting when he found a myserious stone. He never knew what it would do to his life when he first picked it up, he didn’t even what it was. In his small village, Carvahall, the old storyteller Brom has been talking about the legendary dragonriders witch kept the lands safe before the king betrayed them and took the power for himself. But the ledgend says that someday, the riders will rule again and the stone that Eragon posseses turns out to be something really special: a dragon egg. Over a night his whole life turns upsidedown when he realize, he is the first new dragonrider! What will now come as he sets out to discover his possesion of magic and face his responsibility as a rider.

This book was so exciting that I couldn’t stop reading. When I slept I dreamt about it and when I woke the first thing that I would do was to reach for it again. The story always keeps you alert because you never know what’s coming next and so, it never gets boring. Dragons have always fascinated me. They are one of my favourite fantasy-creatures because they’re so mysterious and so magnificent. In secret I hope that they do exist, but I know that they don’t (or maybe they do, I could be going on like that all night long). Anyway, they are great creatures to right a book based on and I feel like the wrigter feels the same way like I do about dragons.
The envirement in the book was an “old fancy fantasy-envirement”, and that’s kind of sad. Every fantasy you read looks the same: High mountains, large forests, sandy deserts, blue lakes and a black land were the evil lives. I wish that someone would do something different. Like in “the never ending story” where it’s really a dream life and at the same time it’s being compared to reality. But it is kind of cosy to read a real fairytale from time to time.
The evil in this book is the king, galbatorix and his servants. There is one character among the “dark side” witch i really loved. The Shade Durca. He is like someone who could appear in my nightmares (but it didn’t dream about him), the wrigter describes him perfectly and the he does the same thing with other characteurs aswell. Eragon is the first book in a series. The next book is called “Eldest” and the one after that is still being written. The books are being read all over the world and some do even compare them to “the lord of the rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien. But that doesn’t have to be a good thing. Some people, like myself, thinks that he gets to much glory because you can relate things in the book thats is almost completly stolen from “the Lord of the Rings”. Fore exampler there is theese creatures called “urgals” witch are mysterious alike the “orcs” and even the “urukhai’s” are represented by the “kull’s”. But still, it was enjoyable the read so you can ignore those facts.
The language in “Eragon” was quite youthful, therefore i thought that it was easy to read. It’s so because the wrigter was only fifteen years ...

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