The Life of Joanne Kathleen Rowling

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I''''ve chosen to write an an essay about JK Rowling because I really love her books about Harry Potter. They are the best books that I''''ve read. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I''''ve read the books many times. I''''ve read the two latest books twice, and the last only one time and I will naturally read it again! Iv''''e also seen all the films. They were nice, but I must admit that the books are much better than the films. The books have more deatails than the films. Everything which has to do with Harry Potter is marvellous.
Joanne Kathleen Rowling was born on the 31st of July in 1965. She was born at Chipping Sudbury''''s Hospital. Her mother''''s name was Anne Volant, and her father''''s name was Pete Rowling. They meet each other on a train which took them from London King''''s Cross to Abroath (which is in Scotland) They were both eighteen years old when they meet each other. They got to know each other and became friends very quickly. Their feeling for each other grew and the got married. They married when they both were 19 years old. After they had married they moved to the outskrits of Bristol (which is in west of Britain).
When Anne was 20 years old her daughter Joanne was born. Joanne also had a sister who was born two years later on the 28 of July in 1067. Her name is Diana, but the family used to call her "Di".
The years went by and when Joanne was four years old the family moved to a place which was called Winterbourne. She started school and learnt very much. Joanne really liked school. She liked hard work and homework and things like that. She was a really careful girl in those days. She was very much like Hermione Granger (one of the main characters in the books)
When Joanne was around nine years old they moved to another little village which was called Tutshill. It''''s close to Wales. Wales is a very beautiful country which has a magnificent countryside. It has green hills, blue rivers and all around is the glittery sea. I''''ve been there and I thought that it looked like the magic land of Narnia. Tutshill is a very pretty little village, and Joanne went to the old little school. She said that it was like something from a book by Charles Dickens.
Joanne liked writing already when she was a small girl. Her first story was called "Rabbit" It was about a rabbit called Rabbit! She really loved to write her Rabbit stories. At this time she had a friend named Ian Potter. She used to borrow books from him. It was from his she got the name Potter for her main character.
Joanne grew up and moved to Portugal, to work as an English teacher. There she meet a man and married him. They got a little girl named Jessica. The marriage wasn''''t any good and he wasn''''t nice to her. He treated her very badly. So, she decied to escape with her daughter back to England, where she had her sister and friends. First she thought that she could go to London, where all her friends were living. But then she realized that she couldn''''t stay there. It''''s too expensive to buy a flat in London and her friends were young and unmarried. They couldn''''t stay with her and her baby daughter all time. They wanted to go to parties and things like that. But her sister Diana lived in Edinburgh, in Scotland. So Joanne decided to live there. The flats were much cheaper there than in London, and the had her sister there. In the town of Edingburgh she rented a shabby little flat. She didn''''t like that place at all and she was very unhappy all on her own with her little girl to take care of. It was from her memories of that terrible time that she made up the Dementors (deathly creatures in the third Harry Potter book) A Dementor sucks out all happiness, luck and every happy memory you have.
The idea of Harry Potter came suddenly out from her head. She was going by train from Manchester to London. She hadn''''t anything to do. The idea just came out from the blue. She could really see Harry very clearly; this tiny little boy with jet-black hair who''''s wearing round glasses and on his forehead is a thin lighting-shaped scar. The train was four hours delayed. So she was sitting there and thinking. She came home again she started to write.When she went with her baby daughter Jessica for a walk she used to sneak into a café when her daughter fell asleep. Then she could write when Jessica was sleeping. The people who worked at the café were very nice to her and gave her a free cup of coffee. The café was called St Nichols Restaurant.
On the 30 of December in 1990, six months after Joanne got the idea of Harry, her mother Anne died. Anne Volant was 46 years old. She had been very weak and ill. Joanne was very close to her mother and her mother''''s death was a shock to her. Anne died on Christmas Eve. In the Mirror of Erised (a magical mirror in the first book) Joanne took the memories of her mother. Because Harry sees his dead parents in the mirror.
It took Joanne five years to finish the book. During those five years a lot of things came rushing out from her head. When she''''d finished the script she sent it to many publishers. But they didn''''t want to publish the book, stupid as they were. They only said that the book was nice and exciting, but it was not going to make any money. But the writer didn''''t want to give up. In February 1996 she sent her script to a man called Christopher Little. First she thougt that it was going to be a "No-thanks" letter, but she was wrong. He wanted to become her agent and help her to publish her book.
At last! A company named Bloomsbury published it. When she got to know this Joanne was very happy. It was one of the best times in her whole life since her daughter Jessica was born, she has said. Today Joanne Kathleen Rowling is the richest woman in the whole Britain, she''''s even richer than Queen Elizabeth. Now she lives up in Scotland near Edinburgh outside a small village which is called Aberfeldy. I''''ve been there and it was a fantastic little village. I think that she has chosen Aberfeldy because it''''s a beautiful, calm and nice place there nobody can disturb her or her family. Of course everyone knows that she lives there. But they are used to it. It''''s such a small village there maybe everybody knows each other.
She has a very big house (which has many chimneys) The house is called Killiechassie House. It was built in 1865 by a Scottish general. It''''s near a river called Tar. She lives there with her family. She now has two daughters and one son. Jessica, as I mentioned in the text, David and her new baby daughter Mackenzie. She has a new husband, Neil Murray. He''''s a doctor. He''''s surely a very nice man to her and the three children.
Joanne Rowling has always loved to read. She likes many books and reads them with pleasure. One of the favorite books when she was a small child, was The Little White Hourse, written by Elizabeth Goudge. She also loves Jane Austen''''s novels, Charlotte Brontë''''s, and CS Lewis books about Narnia. She really loved those books as a child. I can''''t write down every book that she likes, but those books that I mentioned are the big classics. Jane Eyre is a tremendous book. You should read it!
Rowling is a very clever person who''''s playing with the words in the books. She uses many Latin words, and some things she has taken from other classic books. The first Harry Potter book starts like a Cinderella story. In the first one Harry is a nice and careful boy, and the second one is almost the same thing. But when Harry is coming in his teenage he''''s getting angrier and more serious. The first one started more like a children''''s book. The four latest books are more about battles and death.


-DUMBLEDORE- (Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry) Dumbledore means bumble bee

HERMIONE GRANGER- (One of Harry''''s best friends at Hogwarts) Hermione''''s character came from Joanne herself.

RON WEASLEY- (Harry''''s best friends at Hogwarts school) Ron''''s character comes from her nearest friend Saun.

SEVERUS SNAPE- (A very nasty teacher at Hogwarts school who doesn''''t like Harry at all) That character came from Joanne''''s old teacher Mrs Sylvia Morgan. She didin''''t like anybody at the school. On the first schoolday she put Joanne in the row of stupid pupils.

REMUS LUPIN - ( He was a teacher in Defence Against the Dark Arts in the third year at Hogwarts school) Lupin means wolf. It is the latin word for "wolf". He is a werewolf. In the moonlight Remus Lupin becomes a wolf.

HOGWARTS SCHOOL- It''''s the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry) Hog is another word for pig. In Swedish the word means: Grisvårtor.

PETUNIA DURSLEY - (It''''s Harrys nasty aunt) There''''s an ugly flower which is called "Petunia"

MRS NORRIS- (A nasty cat in the books) Mrs Norris is an ugly, nasty old lady who''''s from one of Jane Austen''''s novels "Mansfield Park"

LORD VOLDEMORT- ( The darkest wizard in the whole wizardry world who wants to kill Harry Potter) The word is a mixture of French...

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