Bokrecension: The Babysitter av R. L. Stine

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uppladdat: 2007-04-02
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Jenny is a girl of average height, and she has a boyish figure. She has dark brown hair with long bangs that falls over her left eye. She has large, serious eyes, a large, straight nose and lips that always seem to be pouting.
One day she’s in the mall when she sees a little boy by the fountain, the cutest boy she has ever seen. He looks so innocent with his blue eyes and his blond, almost white hair. She notices that he’s all alone, so she asks him where his parents are. Since he doesn’t know, she stays with him by the fountain until his parents comes. They are relieved, they’ve been so worried. They offer Jenny a job as a babysitter for Donny, their little boy. At first she says no, but then she changes her mind. She decides that she and her mother need the money.
As she gets to the house, she starts to get second thoughts. The house is big and scary. And the neighbour is so suspicious. As soon as she has put Donny to bed, she starts to imagine all kinds of things. Or is it really just her imagination? Is it Chuck, the new boy at her school, that always are joking and fooling around, who’s making those scary calls? Is it he who tells her that company’s coming every night she’s babysitting? Is it Chuck who’s sitting outside the front door in the car, just sitting there? And who is Mr. Millers? How come he’s so curious? And who is the little girl on the photograph who looks just like Donny? Those are questions Jenny needs to get answered before the killer gets to here.

I give the book three stars of five possible, because it happens things all the time, so the book was never really boring, but the story was not quite so good. My favourite parts of the book were when someone sat in a car outside the window, because it was not expected, and when Jenny got scared by Chuck, who was wearing a monster mask. That was kind of scary at first, but when you realised that it was Chuck, it got funny. I also liked the end, when I read that part, I could hardly put the book away, I just wanted to know what was about to happen.
I think that the book could have been better if it had happened some other things when she was babysitting, scarier things that not only was about scary phone calls. The phone calls didn’t send me those chills down my back as I want scary novels to do.
My first impression of the book, when I saw it was: I really don’t think this book is any good at all. That was probably because of the cover, that’s he first you see of a book. They say that you shouldn’t judge a book from its cover, but that’s exactly what you do, so I think that The babysitter should have a completely different sort of cover. And when I read the back of the book, my thoughts of it didn’t really get better. I think that it could say a little more about the book there than what it did. I didn’t expect the book to be scary. I also thought that it would be kind of boring. To be honest, I imagined that the book would be one of the worst books I’ve ever read. It might have something to do with the fact that I usually don’t read these kinds of books.
But the book was not as I had expected it to be. Some parts were scary; I almost felt that I couldn’t read them without a light on. But then again there were other parts that weren’t scary. I guess he tried to be scary, but I just thought that it was laughable. The book wasn’t that boring either. But some times I had trouble keeping me awake, I had o struggle to keep my eyes open.

The author, Robert Lawrence Stine, was born in October 8, 1943. He is an American novelist and writer, known mainl...

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  • Inactive member 2008-10-21

    Jag tyckte det var väldigt bra skrivet, vad fick du för betyg sedan av lärarn då? =)

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