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Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
By Roald Dahl

The book is about the fantastic chocolate factory owner Willy Wonka, and Charlie, a good-hearted boy from a poor family that lives near by Wonkas strange factory.
Most of the evenings in Charlies home, the dinner consist of a bowl with watery cabbage soup, that young Charlie is happy to share with his mum, dad and his grandparents.
They live in a tiny, ramshackle, draughty, old house, but it is filled with love. Every evening the big factory is the last that Charlie watches from his window before he goes to sleep. And when he sleeps he dream about what’s going on inside of the factory.

For the past fifteen years, no-one has ever seen any worker go in ore do not come out from the factory, nor has anyone seen Willy Wonka himself. But in some mysterious way, large quantities of chocolate are being produced and later being shipped to stores all over the world.

One day Willy Wonka make a very important announcement. He will open his factory and uncover all the secrets to the five kids that comes across the golden tickets that is hidden in five different chocolate bars somewhere in the world.
Nothing would make Charlies family happier if he won one of the golden tickets, but the odds is to bad and besides they can only afford one chocolate bar each year, to his birthday.

Soon the news comes from all over the world about children who had found tickets and Charlies hope drops more and more, day by day.
The first winner is the insatiable Augustus Gloop, that don’t have anything inside his head but food and candy.
The second winner is the spoiled kid Erika Salt, who gets furious if her father don’t give whatever she want.
The third winner I a real chewer, her name is Violetta Fagervy, and she love to chew chewing gum.
The fourth winner is Micke Tevén, that always look at TV, and tell people how smart he is.

But then it happens something wonderful. Charlie finds some money at a snowy street , and runs to the nearest store to buy a chocolate bar with Willy Wonkas fluffy dremcaramel-foam. All he think of his how hungry he is and how good it will taste.
And there, below the wrapping paper it shines of gold. It is the last ticket!

His grandfather Johan is being so happy about the news that he jumps up from his bed. He remember a happier time when he use to work at the factory, before Willy Wonka shut the gates towards the city.
The family decides that grandfather Johan will be the one that will fallow Charlie into the marvelous factory.

In the factory, Charlie become blind of all the unbelievable things that shows up one by one. Wonderful machines of Wonkas own production foams, melts and whistle, while the hole time produce more new and fantastic candy.
The staff existing of happy Oompa-Loompier extracting mountains of soft caramel by the side of a foaming waterfall of chocolate, or ride a big boat made of sugar along a chocolate river side by side with fields with candy trees and eatable grass with strawberry flavor.

Wonka himself navigates an unbelievable elevator made of glass, that with a rocket engine can fly to the right to the left, up or down wherever you want to go in the factory.
Willy Wonka himself is almost equally fascinated of his inventions as the kids. He don’t think of anything else than candy - except for sometimes, when he seems to think of something that happened for along time ago, that he don’t speak about.
People say that Wonka haven’t left the factory for along time. Who he really is and why he had dedicated his life to the factory, it’s only what Charlie can guess about.

During the trip the other kids shows that they are worthless to Wonka. They are to busy whit what they do that they barely have energy to appreciate Wonkas marvelous creations.
One by one, their greedy, spoiled, naughty or know-all manners drag them into different trouble that force them to jump of the tour before the end of it.
With only Charlie left, Willy Wonka unmask the big secret, the first and the biggest price of them all. It’s the keys to the factory!
Wonka has for along time being isolated from his family, and now he needed to have a new owner for the fabric. But it need to be one he can trust on, someone who can continue his work after his death.
That is why he made this competition!
So Charlie move with his family into the factory and continued his work with Willy Wonka.

I didn’t think that the book had any special message. Maybe that if you are kind and don’t just think of your self you will be the winner, just like Charlie. And not like the other children that just did what they wanted to do.
And also that you don’t need to get hundreds of holes in your teeth because you eat candy. Willy Wonka ate candy every day, and he had...

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