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I choose this subject because it’s an important subject for the whole world. The environments future depends on us humans, because we can’t continue to destroy the environments like we do now. Everyone is talking about the global warming and a new ice age, but we have no one to blame besides our self’s. I also choose this subject because I wanted to know a little bit more about it, and if it’s too late to change the world to a better place, what causes these big changes of the environments, is it someone that’s trying to stop the ice age and the global warming, does it exist a organizations that work for the environments, does Sweden have a organization, that does Sweden do so that the environment doesn’t destroys, what can I do to
help, how does the global warming and the ice age affect on us. Its questions like that I like to answer.


The environment is very important to us humans, because it’s ‘the world’ if you can say that. The threes, stones, clouds, animals, lakes is a bit of the environment, without that we couldn’t live. We need the animals, we need the threes, and we need everything that exists on this planet. But now in the lakes we have polluted water, and that kills the animals that live there, the air is poisoned because we have so many machines, factory’s, cars, trucks, even hairspray is destroying the ozone. The world that we living in is being destroyed and no one cares. We are building more factories, driving more cars and waste what the nature contain. Oil, petrol, diesel, what to do when that is gone? And the environment is so damaged that the animals can’t live in it anymore. The have to adapt to an environment they can’t live in, and because of that they die. More and more animals are under threat of extermination, and if almost all races die, how could the world keep on working? Because all animals are connected, a bird is eating a worm, a bigger bird is eating the smaller bird and it’s just a circulation in the environment.

How the environment affect the people

The environment have some natural disaster, like volcano it’s a mountain and when it wakes in the middle of the earth it both destroy and give life to the earth and the people that lives on it. An other disaster is earthquake, which is when the grounds start to shake first a little bit, then everything shakes and objects are starting to break and if it’s a powerful earthquake, houses can break down, and a whole city can be destroyed. I think you can call avalanche a environment disaster to, it’s when snow fall down on heavy snow and something makes the avalanche to start off then everything collapse at the same time. That’s very dangerous because many have died in a avalanche when they go and skiing, even when they just have been at home and a avalanche falls down on their houses. A landslide is almost like a avalanche, but it’s with earth instead of snow, everything that comes in the way for the landslide is being destroyed, a house, tree, car, animals, everything. The wind is very dangerous to, an hurricane pulls up trees, houses blows down. It’s a big cost for the person that has been affected. When its thunder and lightning from the sky it’s very risky to be outside, it’s best to be inside or in a car. A lightning is magnetic and it’s containing a positive and negative charge. A flood is the natural catastrophe that’s killed most human lives. Like Tsunami in Sri Lanka, it killed over 35 000 humans and made a lot homeless, the damage costs is over 17 milliards.

How the people affect the environment

We drive cars, use one hairspray at the day, build more factories, we bring down tons of rainforest every single day, but does someone think about the consequences? For how long can we feel the clean morning air in our faces, who knows, in a couple of years we maybe don’t even have snow on the Swedish ground. The consequences can be so big that we might even can’t swim more in the Swedish lakes. It can be so contaminate that almost nothing can live here on this earth. And all this because of us, just because we don’t have the energy to use less water when we do the dishes, when the washing-machine is washing we don’t fill the whole machine, if we are going to the beach at the summer and it’s 3 km, we don’t ride a bike, we don’t walk, we drive a car, because we don’t have the energy to do anything else. We are so lazy, and no one thinks about the consequences, but in 10 years it might be too late. We are creating a new ice age or a global ...

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