The Crow

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The Crow
Tundra, Kitchen Sink Press, 1987

The Crow is one of the greatest books ever made and is written by James O’Barr in 1981. The special about the book is its passion, O’Barr’s sense of feeling is just wonderful. He fills the book with so much emotions and makes it to a fantastic piece of poetry and art. But the background of this book is rather tragic. James O'Barr summoned inspiration from the unfortunate death of a close friend in a car accident and therefor he starts his book with a similar beginning. He thought that the book would help him to get over her death but it only lead to a deeper misery.

It all begins on a cold October night, a man called Eric and his fiancée are on their way home when suddenly their car breaks down in the middle of an old abandoned road. A Ford T-Bird races by and someone throws a bottle, smashing on the broken car's bonnet. The T-Bird screeches to a halt, and five shabby men step out. They injure the man with a gunshot and while he’s lying on the ground, unable to move, the five men rape the defenceless woman. Later on they kill the girl in cold-blood and leave the man on the ground, bleeding to death.

A year later, the man mysteriously returns from the grave, maddened from the loss of his love. He can’t remember clearly and tries to find out the true story behind the inhuman crime that sent him and his wife to death. An unexpected help arrives from “above” leading him to the perpetrators and when he finds them he takes them out, one by one.

The book can be described as ruthless but not like it’s disgusting, it only makes the book more exiting. You actually can’t say if E...

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