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I’ve read The Eldest which is written by Christopher Paolini. This is the second part in the trilogy The Inheritance, a powerful fantasy-epos about the young farmer Eragon. Of course I’ve read the first part too, Eragon, and I really enjoyed it. The main plot takes place in Alagaësia. You will follow Eragon on his journey to become a dragon rider. You will also follow his dragon Saphira. She’s very intelligent and she’s more a human than a creature. Saphira and Eragon have to become stronger to kill the evil King Gallabatorix and that’s the reason why they must travel with the elves. They know the old secrets of the dragon riders. You are also about to follow Eragon’s stepbrother Roran on his journey and his struggle with the Razacs.

I remember Eragon who is a seventeen years old boy. In the beginning of the book he looks quite normal. He’s good-looking but not like a model. Later on when he is living with the elves he comes into contact with the old dragon spirits. They give him a new body which hopefully is strong enough to kill the evil king Gallabatorix. From this moment he’s looking like an elf, fair and long hair. He’s the most beautiful human on the earth but the ugliest elf on the earth. He has also got the elves great magic skills and the reflexes of a cat. Eragon is very humanitarian and he got a great respect for the nature. Before he reaches the elves he’s a bit ingenuous but his master Oromis helps him to overcome that weakness. Unfortunately he still says what he thinks and that’s not always the smartest thing to do. For example he declares his love to the elf princess just a few hours after they met. He’s also a very good fighter, probably the third greatest swordsman in Alagaësia.

I also remember Eragon’s dragon, Saphira. She’s only one year old but she’s already about 6 meters high and she weighs over a ton. She’s covered with shining darkblue scales. I think she’s very beautiful. Eragon found her in the Spine when he was sixteen years old. It was the elf, Arya, who was supposed to carry the egg but she felt into an ambush and had to send the egg away. It was on that way Eragon found her. And perhaps it was the destiny because the dragon egg will only shatter for the right person. Saphira is very intelligent and as I said before she’s more a human than a creature. She always knows what to do and helps Eragon through crisis situations. She uses telepathy when she wants to talk to anyone. She can also use magic and spit fire and if you doubt, she can fly. She got a very strong personality and that’s not so strange when you are the strongest individual in Alagaësia.

The episode that I remember best takes place in the end of the book when Eragon fights against his half-brother Murtagh, who he thought was dead. Murtagh was only captured by the twins who work for King Gallabatorix. The King forced him to swear loyalty in the old language. If you break the wow the old language will kill you. Murtagh is far away stronger than Eragon but he never swore to kill him and spares his life. This episode is very dramatic and thrilling. You have the feeling that the hero can’t be killed or can he? This episode is far more thrilling than anyone in for example The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien.

As I said before I’ve read the first book Eragon, which I think is better than the Lord of the Rings, and the second part in the trilogy is even better so I really like this book. A person I don’t like is the butcher in Eragon’s village, Sloan. He helps the Razacs to capture his own daughter Katrina. There are a few other persons that I don’t like but this guy is a damn son of a bitch.

I really enjoyed the book but the message isn’t that deep. It’s a fantasy book about heroes and that kind of stuff. But it’s tedious that Saphira don’t have any mate and I feel sorry for her. It’s also a bit frustrating that Arya doesn’t responds to Eragon’s feelings. But I th...

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