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Book Review

Author: Terry Pratchett
Title: The colour of magic
Publisher: Colin Smythe LTD

The colour of magic is the maiden voyage through the Discworld, it is a trip you you have to experience if you are curious about the Discworld. If you are an experienced reader and have not read Terry Pratchett, then you have missed something unique.

The Discworld is a world completly created by Terry Pratchett's outstanding humour and imagination. The Discworld consists of a big disc, which has a extremly high grey mountain with green ice on it in the middle. The moutain constitue the home of the gods, the gods controls the world by playing something that's similar to chess and fate always wins. The Discworld do not have any directions like east, west, north and south. It has hubwards and rimwards, hubwards is towards the middle and rimwards is towards the edge of the world. The egde of the world is called the rim and thats where the water falls out in the big rimfall, if you take a look over the rim you might cath a glimt of Great a'tuin, the great turtle which the world lies on. The turtle has been a big irritation for the biggest philosophers since it is the only one who knows where the world is going.

The book in question is about the incompetent wizard Rincewind who only know one spell, a spell that on the other hand could ruin the whole world (or should I say disc?). His mission in this first book about the Discworld is to escort a tourist around the world. On their travels they encounter a lot of dangers and other strange things should not exist. The story is a bit classic but Terry Pratchett's way of writing and his sick and outstanding humour makes it a really good book.

Even though Rincewind is the main character, he's far from the only one. In this piece of papers, Terry Pratchett have managed to gather the worlds first tourist, the edge, DEATH himself, one giant turtle that swims through space and time, four giant elephants on top of the turtle, a world that is a disc and lies on top of the elephants, dragons that only exist if you believe in them, an uncountable collection of eights, vulnut vine, picture imps and magic that got to be dumped because it acts like radioactive toxic waste.

Terry Pratchett's way of writing is a style that is very much his own. The way he puts the words into sentences, with a master's knowledge about the awkward silence and embarrassing pauses, makes t...

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