This is my life!

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I was born in Valbo in Gävle the 9 February 1989. I lived with my dad, my mom, my brother and sister in a white big house that my dad had built. I don’t remember so much from the house because we moved out when I was about 2 years old. It was when my dad got hit by a car and got handicapped. Now he can’t hear very much, sees doublet, has a bad balance, short temper, short memory etc. When the accident had happen my mom and us children moved to Sätra that also lies in Gävle. My mom and dad also separated after the accident had happened and he moved to another place in Gävle. Me and my sister and brother lived at our dad every two weekends and lived at my mom in the weeks and every two weekends. It was very beautiful in Sätra and I really liked it there but in 1998 we had to move because my mom got cancer and died. She got a sort of blood cancer that is called leukaemia. I didn’t meet my mom that much at the end of her life because she was in a hospital in Uppsala. The hospital was a calm place to be in and there where many sick people who where going to leave there life’s behind them. I hope that she had a wonderful time there.
After my mom died me and my brother and sister moved to our cousin Susanne. We didn’t like it there because we quarrelled all the time and with me and my sister sharing rooms didn’t make the thing better. We both had a very bad temper so we often got very angry at each other. She really could hit me hard and I was sometimes very scared of here and I ran to the toilet where I could lock my self in. But today we are like best friends. My brother has always been a calm guy and we have never fought like me and my sister. We could quarrel about small things but it never got “serious”.
I lived at Susanne’s place from grade 3 to grade 5 but after that I moved to my other cousin Micke and his wife Helena. I didn’t feel good at Susanne’s so I got help from the social service to move to Helena and Micke. They where very nice and I liked it there at first, but they where too strict and too young to raise a girl like me in my age. I came to them when I lived my hardest days when I got into puberty and a lot of things happened to me. Micke and Helena didn’t manage to have me there so I got forced to move to a new family outside of Gävle and I live there now. I have never met them before and now I have to make a new life with them. I told everybody that the last thing I wanted to do was to move to a new family. I told them that I wanted to be at my sister one time a month and at my dads every two weekends and the other weekends live at some friends’ house. The Social service didn’t like my suggestion and they thought that it would be best for me to move to a new family so that I could have a place to come too in times of need.
I gave it a shot and they turned out to be very nice. I think that it’s going to take me some time before I can make me feel home. My home is in Rättvik or at my sister and maybe at my dad. I just have less than a year left until I am 18 years old and can move out, I’m longing for that.

Before, I didn’t know my self or how to handle things. There were a lot that got very wrong. I did things that I didn’t mean and things I regret but I have to live with that.
I’m lucky that I have ...

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