Indians in USA

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The first Indians in USA
When Christopher Columbus arrived to North America, he thought that he had come to India. Because of that mistake he called them “Indians”. The Indians were the first people in USA. There are about 2 million Indians in America now. When Columbus came there were about 300 different Indian languages, now there are just a little less than a half of those left. In this time the Indians lives poor and the most are criminals. But the Indians fighting to keep their religion.

The Shaman
Guacanagari was the name of the Indian chief that met Columbus first. But the chiefs in a tribe aren’t the most important person, it’s the medicineman. He is also called “the Shaman”. The Shaman represent the spirit of the tribe. He can see into the future and guide the other members in the group to a good life. If someone got ill, he cured them with his herbs and he could also deal with bad spirits.

The Indians of the prairie
The Indians of the prairie had a different story of the creation than our. According to the Indians the woman was created first and she was supposed to guide the man trough the life. The dance of the sun were the most important religious ritual. They honoured the sun and the young brave men, who was going to hunt. The men had twigs around there waist and head. They were also painted with holy symbols. The dance could go on in four days.

The most of the Indians clothes were made of different animals. The colours of the clothes were very important in their lives. The colours came from plants and clay.

Parties of ceremonies
Parties were a important element in the tribe. The most parties were about different ceremonies. Like weddings, baptism and when the men were going to hunt.

The Indians most used bows and arrows when they were hunting. There were four different arrows. They where made of tree, bones and holly. In young age boys learned to handle bows and arrows. Almost every tribes lived on hunting. The hunter careful planed his hunt and checked his equipment. Mostly they hunted buffalos and small animals. Before the hunt begin the hunter must have a ritual, because they must pray to the spirits for good luck in hunt. Sometimes the hunters dressed their selves in animals skin. The hunters must have a plan and really know about the animals habits.

The End
In 1888 the Indian culture began to collapse. A big battle began when a weapon went of by mistake. 300 members of the Dakotatribe lost their lives in the massacre at Wounded Knee. One little girl was the only person left of the tribe. Many of the Indians never recovered after that. That is the reason why there aren’t so much of the Indians left in North America.

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