Snuff (In swedish: snus)

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Snuff is a granular tobacco mass that can be drawn up through the nose (perfume snuff) or baked together like a pinch of snuff, which is then placed under the lip (wet snuff). Then, there are many different sorts so-called “Cheat snuffs”, or in a more fine word, portions of snuff. The snuff lies packed in small bags that you don’t need to bake together the snuff mass, this sort of snuff is presumably intended for disabled persons, those people who only have two fingers. Portion of snuff is of course a wet, not a perfume snuff.

Swedish wet snuff is produced out of dark powerful Kentucky tobacco. After the harvest and the Kentucky had continued to ripe you let it dry by the air or over a fireplace of hickory or oak chips. The smoke gives the taste and the colour to the tobacco. After that procedure the tobacco is mixed together with water and sometimes with flavour material. And finally you let the snuff perspire under high temperature. The snuff is packed in small round boxes, called “snuff boxes”, which also have a huge history, but that story you are not going to read about in this text. Many people has maybe for a long time, considered the snuff as a typical Swedish product, but its real true origin is in America.

At the end of the 15th century, or more exactly in 1493 a French globetrotter discovered a whole new continent, America.
His name was Christopher Columbus. When he was on an expedition in the country, he saw some strange Indian priests who drew up some sort of tobacco in their noses through a long cane.
This product fascinated Columbus very much, so much that he took the product and conveyed it back to Europe on his journey home in 1496.
Once back in France the use of snuff was spread, among others by the immigrated Huguenots. It was not until the 1630 s that the snuff was distributed from the Netherlands to Sweden.

The snuff was mostly employed among the higher conditions in the high classed France in the 17th century. Both women and men were taking snuff.
Before the production of wet snuff, the perfume snuff was the most usual shape of snuff, but around the 18th century the wet snuff was also available on the market.

The wet snuff appeared mainly among workers, for example, railway workers (navvies), but even among high generals.
And due to this fact many different sorts have been created, f...

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