Pros and cons of Artificial intelligence

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Pros and cons of Artificial intelligence

In the tech-industry, AI or so-called artificial intelligence is a hot topic. AI is computer
software developed to complete tasks by decision making and learning from its mistakes. As
it evolves more and is complementing and helping people in their normal day to day lives
opinions about it are getting more clear. There is in conclusion two parties of opinions, those
who are for the use and development of AI and those who are against it. To put it into
perspective the following essay will include the pros and cons of the use and development of
AI. Are the cons of using AI outweigh the benefits of using it.

Hence the use of AI is becoming more frequent in the job market it is replacing certain jobs
and in consequence causing people to lose their jobs and income. According to the article
“The Impact of Artificial Intelligence Widespread Job Losses”, automation will displace
between 400 to 800 million individuals and 375 million people need to change job categories
entirely by 2030 (Calum McClelland, 17.08.2018). Unemployment will become widespread
as more and more people will lose their job and higher education will become forced upon
the population as low education jobs like factory workers will be replaced.

On the other hand, when AI replaces jobs the outcome of the products produced will
improve. The advanced AI software is developed specifically for a task which leads to fewer
errors, more precision and faster results than a human could achieve. Another reason for this
is that the AI is able to work 24/7 compared to humans who need sleep and other necessaries.
If these AI:s are allowed corner the job market it will just be a question of when they take
over high-level decision making jobs as they will be the logical choice for companies as AI:s
do not have emotions hence more level headed decisions which can make decisions that focus
on profit. In the future, if further developments and advancements of AI software are done we
might not need to work at all and leave all decision-making to AI.

In consequence of leaving all trust in AI, people argue that this could be the fall of humanity.
If all power is in the hands of AI they could abuse it easily they argue. In an interview of the
tech entrepreneur Elon Musk he told Swisher “As AI gets probably much smarter than

humans, the relative intelligence ratio is probably similar to that between a person and a cat,
maybe bigger” (Kalsey Piper, 02.12.2018). This could lead to the extinction of humankind if
we are not careful enough. The combination of the advanced powerful AI systems and the US
government had already led to the development of military robots being tested, this could be
a real danger in the future if we are not careful enough.

Are the cons of using AI outweigh the benefits of using it. I think not, the usage of AI
technologies can both help and humanity and destroy it. Help us with complementing work
and reducing errors at the workplace but also outsmart us and lead to big consequences. So in
the future development of AI, we need to look into the details and plan carefully, but not stop
the development fully because AI is a groundbreaking technology with lots of possibilities.


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