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The Maze Runner is a fast-paced fantasy/fiction book which is written by the author James Dashner and released 1st October 2009. When you read the book you realize quite fast that it is reminiscent of the popular movie/book ‘’The Hunger Games’’. If you are a Hunger games fan you will probably also enjoy this book a lot or if you are into dystopian novels. The book is really eye-catching because of the action-filled fast pace it develops. Personally, I had problems to stop reading the book once I started because I got attracted to the unique way the book was composed and the concept.


Even though I liked the book it had a dozen flaws. Like it had a lot of slangs and a lot of really uncommon words like the quote ’’You are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in the world’’ Which is a rather odd description. If Dashner would formulate the word structure in a better way it would be more enjoyable to read. I can see he is going for a unique style but it just feels unnecessary. I have found a lot of complaints about this part and I can see why.


Thomas, which is the protagonist wakes up in a big metal cage that works as an elevator. The elevator takes him to a place called the Glade without any memory of how he got there nor who he is. The first thing that meets him is a big group of teenage boys which does not greet him very well but instead starts to make fun of him. When he gets out of the metal box he looks around him and sees giant walls on all of the sides and one big entrance.  The place is called the Glade and is where the most of the book will take place. Upon Thomas arrival, a lot of weird things start to happen and he gets the blame. But Thomas demonstrates that he has the skill that gives him a shot to participate with the runner group and help them get out of The Glade.


If I had to recommend this book to someone I would recommend friends because my friends have often similar traits in behaviour to me since I liked the book a lot it feels like my friends would have similar taste in books and that is why I think targeting friends would have big success rate in finding people that appreciate the book.


The Maze Runner is recommended for teenagers, but personally I feel the targeted audience should be much wider. Could be everything from young teenagers to adults. Because even if it contains a lot of violence it is quite peacefully and not scary in any way brings more of an eye-opening feeling because of the way he chose to write the violent scene...

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Kommentarer på arbetet

  • You Mama Inanutshell 2018-05-26

    Lite stav fel samt grammatik fel, små tips. Försök att skriva "Thomas" hela tiden och inte "thomas" samt näst sista paragrafen står det i en mening "I would recommend friends because my friends " etc. Vad det ska stå är "I would recommend THIS BOOK to my friends because my friends" etc. Annars är det en bra recension! Trevlig Helg!

  • Emil Westling 2018-05-29

    Aa lite slarvfel som jag borde insett att jag gjorde innan jag publicerade, tack för den konstruktiva kritiken

  • David Johansson 2018-06-04

    Tycker personligen det du har skrivit jättebra! :) men som personen ovan skrivit , lite små stavfel. annars 10/10

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Emil Westling [2018-05-08]   Maze runner bok recension (Engelska)
Mimers Brunn [Online]. [2018-12-19]

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