Recension: At the mountains of madness by H.P Lovecraft

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At the mountains of madness by H.P Lovecraft

ISBN: 978-0-586-06322-4


"I am forced in to speech because men of science have refused to follow my advice without knowing why." That's the very first sentence in the book. After that the slowly the story unfolds and we learn what really happened when the Miskantonic Universe made an expedition to the Antarctic.


When I read at the mountains of madness I thought wow this book is good! I don't believe I think that because Lovecraft is a great writer, because he's not. He's good but not great. It's the feeling he creates in his books. In mountains of madness for example the narrator tells the story from his own experience and you don't get to know more than he does and after several years he is still so scared of what happened that he hesitates to tell everything at some parts he really has to force himself to write down everything.

It starts of rather innocent with a trip to the Antarctica. Soon after they get there Professor Lake feels a need to make a sub expedition. When he flies over the area he sees then the mountains of madness, off course ha doesn't call them that. But he decides to set up camp below the mountains and is doesn't take long before he finds something. What he finds is something old, really old. He dubs them the Old Ones after remembering that something he read in the necronomicon fits their description.

Shortly after these findings lake goes missing and Professor Dyer and Danforth go looking for him. What they find is ruins of a city several million years old a city that use to belong to the Elder things a race much more evolved than us. When they walk around in the old city they marvel at all the beautiful artwork left there by the old ones. The more they discover the more they want to know but at the same time they start to realize the danger they might be in if any of the elder things where still there.

But still they keep going and explore more of the abandoned city and when the camera runs out of film they start to make sketches. They later agree that all of their sketches never could be shown to anyone but themselves.  Mostly because they don't think the public was ready for it.  


There is a feeling through the whole book that makes you want to know more but t...

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At the mountains of madness by H.P Lovecraft ISBN: 978-0-586-06322-4

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