The life as a work of art

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uppladdat: 2006-05-08
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According to the biology the different between a thing and something alive is that something alive has the possibility to multiply oneself. But in the reality the life is so much more then just to multiply. Well, it’s so for a human being, that’s for sure.
Feelings are one of the things we always will meet millions of time under our whole life. That is including all feelings, booth bad and good. The bad feelings like sadness, anger and disappointment can make us feel really unhappy sometimes. But in the same time, the good feelings like joy, happiness and love can make us feel so unbelievably pleased.
Some people may think that it would be better if there just were good feelings existing. But if we can’t feel unhappy, then how do we know when we are happy. We wouldn’t have anything to compare with!
So I think that all the feelings together are giving our life a meaning and making it interesting.

Now, if you compare life with art you will find out that there are quit the same. Because to make a very good art you usually need to have strong feelings invalid. But it mustn’t be happy feelings. Sometimes arts made of bad feelings are even more interesting. The important thing is that you can make the art expressing you feelings.
So art can express feelings. But if you take an even closer look, not just on the result of the work, but also on its manufacture. Then you will find out that the whole art is in many ways like a man’s life.
If we take paintings for example – all the pictures start as a white paper, wood plate or other material. So untouched and able to shape, just like a newborn baby. And like all people are different, the paper can have all different shapes, as a triangle, circle, rectangle and so on.
Also like we all have different personalities, advantages and disadvantages, every painting is made with a particular kind, it is often focused on one thing, place or incident. It can also have almost only one or two colours but in different nuances. Or it can be made of a special material. No pictures are an exact copy of another. They are reflecting they own massage – the feeling the artist wanted it to express. But they are also doing it in all different ways. Every painting’s kind, focused thing, colour and material, are all helping the painting to make its massage so clear as possible.
This can be compared as when human beings act, speak and dress in different ways. They are also sending a massage to other people. A massage that tells who she/he is and what she/he stands for.

Like every person are different skilful in a subject, also paintings are different good. But then, how do you do to be so skilful as possible and how do you make a good picture?
Well, first of all you need a “good ground”. It’s like you first nine years in school, you are learning “everything” (– a lots of different subjects). All from mathematic to music to cocking. All this is so that you can get a “good ground”. Because the dream job you hade when you was seven are often not the thing you are working with at the end when have grown up.
So it’s important to have a little experience at everything, so that you have many roads open for you. But at the same time the better and “stabile” you have learned, the easier it will be for you to contain, and the higher chance it will be for you to get a good result.

It’s the same thing when you are making a painting. If you make, lets say, an oil painting. Then from the beginning you usually draw a sketch first before you start on your real painting. Because then you can try different ideas – you have the opportunity to change.
Some painters draw directly on the painting, but still they are leaving them self a chance to change – they don’t draw so hard. They just draw loose lines with the pencil so that they can easy rob it out if it needs.
But the better idea you came on with and the skilled the sketch is done, the better and easier it will be when you start with the colours. And the chance to a better result will be higher. (Compare this with the part before about “life”)

When you have started drawing with the colours, then the mistakes you do will often be hard to fix. Sometimes maybe you can’t. Some of the big mistakes will maybe always be seemed more or less, even if you have tried so hard to hide it. It can even be so bad that it’s ruining the whole painting.
This can be compared with big mistakes we do in our lives, like smoking, drinking and so on. Which sometimes can ruin a person’s whole life.

If you have ruined a painting, you can’t turn the time back and start drawing a new picture on this paper/wood plate again.
A life is just like that, every good thing you do and every mistake you do is a new pencil draught on the painting, some of them affect you for just a moment but some of them affect you whole life/painting.
A life is the most valuable thing you ever can get. Without a life you can’t do anything, because without it you wouldn’t exist.
It’s just like the paper (, wood plate or other material) you must have when you are going to draw a picture. It’s the “base” of the painting (= your life). The sketch and colours is like the incidents in your life.

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