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Year 1955, same year that Elvis began perform and Bill Harley stood on
scene, one of the worlds greatest guitarists was born, Angus Young.
Angus and he`s two year older brother got their inspiration from their
oldest brother George, he played in a band called "the Easybeats". The
Easybeats left a big expression on Angus and Malcolm who began to play
guitar. They learned to play very good and soon they began to start their
own bands.
Malcolm and Angus tried to start some bands but they didn`t succed. Year
1973 the band played for the first time ever on a nightclub calles"Chequers
nightclub". The members in AC/DC changed a lot until 1975 when they
recorded their first album called " High Voltage". The members at that time
was: Angus Young on guitar, Malcolm Young on guitar, Bon Scott on vocals,
George Howe on bass and Tony Kerrante on the drums. After the first disk
they changed a few members again, this time it was time to change the bass
player and the drummer. The new members became, Mark Evans on the bass and
Phil Rudd on the drums.
With this great members they recorded three very good albums, " TNT" was
recorded in 1975, " Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap in 1976 and one of their
best disks " Let There Be Rock was recorded in 1977. In 1977 they changed
the bassplayer again, now it was time for Cliff Williams who still is the
bass player in AC/DC.
Young-Young-Scott, Williams- Rudd began to record the best AC/DC records
ever, " Power Age" in 1978, the live album " If you want blood, you got it"
in 1978 and " Highway to hell" in 1979.
AC/DC had just been real famous around the world when a very tragic thing
happend, the 19 February in 1980 was the singer Bon Scott found dead in the
backseat of a car, the official AC/D`s official press said that he had died
a naturally death but he had been drinking a lot that evening so that is
probably the real reason.
Life at this time became offcourse very hard for them, but they diceded to
continue to play but the had to look for a new singer. They had heard about
a man called Brian Johnson. Brian came from a band called " Geordie".
Malcolm remembered that Bon had said that Brian was one of the worlds best
singers. AC/DC listned to Brian and theyliked him and he them. So he became
the singer in AC/DC at once. The next album was called " Back in black" and
was a real good album, it was the first album that Brian was the singer on.
The album was finished in 1980 and the album was made to raise Bon Scott.
Back in black became the most selling heavy metal album ever, it has been
sold in more than 10 millions copies. With this lineup, Young-Young-
Johnson- Williams- Rudd they recorded two albums more.
In the end of 1981 a album called " For Those About To Rock" was finished.
After the world tour they began to work on a new album. In 1983 the album "
Flick of the switch was realesed, the drummer Phil Rudd wasn`t able to
finish the album, he had to big drug problems and an affair with Malcolm`s
girlfriend so he got fired. The album was finished with a studiodrummer. To
get a new drummer they put in an ad in a heavy metal paper, they didnt`t
write their name, so when Simon Wright came to the interview he became very
surprised when it was AC/DC who wanted him, they liked him and he signed on
for their upcoming tour and albums.
1986 was " Who Made Who?" released, the album became the official
soundtrack to a movie called " Maximum Overdrive" by Steven King. Steven
King is a big fan of AC/DC.

In 1988 there was a new album in the stores again, the title was " Blow Up
Your Video", the members was: Young- Young- Johnson- Williams- Wright.
Simon Wright left AC/DC for the famous heavy metal band Dio. AC/DC`s new
drummer became the veteran drummer, Chris Slade who has been playing with
Tom Jones and the Firm. AC/DC`s next album was called " The Razors Edge"
was released in 1990 and became a big succes. After this album they went on
a big world tour in 1991. They decided to record live and in 1992 a new
album was realeasd, it was called just LIVE and contained songs from the
worldtour. It is very very good album. After the world tour they decided to
take a long leave but in 1995 they relesed a new album called
"Ballbreaker", after that they went on a big world tour again in 1996. The
26 April in 1996 they came to Gothenburg and played live in Scandinavium,

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