The Running Man by Stephen King

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The Running Man

The Running Man is written by Stephen King 1982. He wrote the book as Richard Bachman. A strange thing I dont understand is that, why write the book as someone else?

The main character is Benjamin Richards and he is often called ”Ben”. He reported him to the ”Game”. A deadly contest were you are hunted by almost the whole America, because the ”Game” is the most popular thing in the US. And the one thats beeing hunted earns 100$ for every hour he survives, and if he should die the money would go to his nearest realatives. In Ben`s case that is his daughter, and she realy needs the money because she has a deadly tumour and that has to be taken away by good doctor`s and that costs money.

In the book there is no personal facts about the main character his daughter or his wife. Every thing is about the game, so you dont understand the whole thing.

The thing I found most interesting was the differenses between the movie and the book. My mind may not be that fresh but if I remember anything right, it is big differenses. In the book the character is chased out free by cops, in the movie he is in a large building and there is several hunters and each one with there own specialties. One man had a chainsaw on his arm, one were electrical and could shoot beems, one were riding skates with a wery sharp stick and the last one were a great hero that had a very good reputation. That is just some of the differenses.

The hunt starts in the game building, the runner gets 1 hours advance and the first thing Ben does is to take a cab to the slum were he could buy weapons. He meets a guy there that gives him lodge for some days than his wife calles the cops and the real hunt begins. He killes both the cops in the police car and escapes in great stress. And then after some days he kidnappes a girl in a car, her name is Amelia, and when she arrives at the road blocks she saying ”Benjamin Richards” has kidnapped me and if you dont let me pass he will kill me. So they have to let them pass, Richard has a plan about the whole thing, to get to the airport, and after some hunting he does that. He takes Amelia with him and hijackes a plane, there he is bi...

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