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She was born in june in 1926. Her mother was Gladys Peal, Monroe, Baker, Mortensen. Norma Jeane never got to know who her real father was. Her first name, Norma came from her mother’s favourite actor “Norma Talmadge” and Jane did just fit in as a second name.

When she was only two week old, did Norma Jeans mother put her with another family named Bolender. She lived with them until she was seven years old. After that her mother took her back, a couple of months before her mother became mentally ill. After that she was put in many other families and orphanage. But Norma Jean never felt that she was welcome. One of the adoptive mothers named Grace McKees did courage her and spoild her, because Grace wanted Norma Jeane to become a actor. And without Grace it never had been a Marilyn Monroe today. Grace took Norma Jeane out at least once a week to go and watch movies on the cinema. She pointed out a blond actor named Jean Harlow and sad to Norma that she will be just like her when she grows up. Since that Jean Harlow has been Norma Jeanes favourite actor.

The firs time she was married she was only sixteen years old. Her husband James Dougherty was twenty one years. They was friends but married just because Norma Jean didn’t want to go back the orphanage. It was Grace idea that they should get married. It was a good marriage with some happy times. In 1943 was James called out to the war. And in 1946 did Norma Jeane break up the marriage.

Joe DiMaggio was her second husband , they got married in 1954. Joe loved her more then everything else, and he could had did everything for her. But he was so jealous on the others, and that made him very angry and unfair even to her. And two weeks after that she had been assaulted she request for a divorce. 27 October 1955 they got the divorce.
Before they got married they was Americas most popular unmarried couple. And Norma Jean who had change her name to Marilyn Monroe was the most rewriting women in America.

The 29 in June 1956 she married a man named Arthur Miller. That was probably the happiest marriage she had. But it didn’t work so long. In 29 January 1961 they booked up.

She loved to be a photographer’s model. And her photographs always looked perfect. She was employed in a film studio called Fox film Corporation. There she had to change her name because her name was to complicated. She changes her last name to the name her mother was born with (Monroe). The first name was more difficult to decide but the “boss” Lyon thought she was new Marilyn after Marilyn. As a actor it was hard in the beginning but after she got “the hang of it” did it go fast. Her career lasted in more then sixteen years. The first eight year she did 24 movies. And the last eight years just five movies, because diseases and drug abuse.

Marilyn Monroe died 4th August 1962 at home in her own bed. She died of an urgent poison of barbiturates. Her housekeeper found her and lots of empty medicine bottles. But she hasn’t died of the pills. Because at the abduction they never found traces of the medicine. Her doctor gave her carbohydrate (a sleeping drug) without to know that she all ready been given another sleeping drug named Nembutal from another doctor. And that took her life. The deadly dose of the drug had been administrated with help of enema.

Marilyn as a person

She was tough on the out side, but inside she was week with a bad self-confidence. She wanted love and understanding from the man and admiration with the people. She wanted to be famous, and her biggest dream was to become an actor, like Jean Harlow. She wanted to betaken seriously.

Marilyn was a very good actor, and she had a excellent voice. Her husband and all who knew her said that she was one of the greatest person they ever met. She was kind and understanding. She showed compassion and could never insult anyone.

Marilyn suffered of a chronic inflammation in her uterus. That cost her lot of pain, especially during the menstruation. She also had problems with an appendicitis and 28 April in 1952, they had it removed by an operation. She often had a cold, and since she was born she always had be...

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