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I have chosen to search about the United States of America, the US, because I don’t know so much about it. A question I want to find an answer to is: What things worth seeing are there in the US?

I already know that it’s a big country in North America and that there’re 50 states in the country and the capital is Washington DC. The presidents name is William Jefferson Clinton (Bill Clinton). Now it’s a presidential election in US. I also know that there national day is the 4 July.

Facts about the US
When the US broke with Great Britain 1776 it became the first modern democracy. On that time it was only 13 states and therefore the first flag got 13 stars and 13 stripes. Nowadays the flag has 50 stars the same as the states but the 13 stripes are still there and represent the first states. There are many countries who had the US flag as a ground for their own flags for example Chiles, Liberia och Puerto Rico.

The US area is 9 629 091 sq km and that is like half of Russia, it’s the third largest country in the world only Russia and Canada is larger. The highest point is Mount McKinley who is 6 194 m and the lowest point is Death Valley who is –86 m.
The US has a lot of nature resources but I don’t think it’s so important. Everything in the garden(US) isn’t lovely. US is the country who deflate more carbon dioxide then any other country. Another problem is that in the west of US they have very little fresh water.

In US lives 275 562 673 people and 83,5% of them are white and 12,4% are black 3,3% are Asians. The two leading languishes are English and Spanish.
The US is a federal republic, and every fourth year they have a president election in the country . Since the 20 January 1993 Bill Clinton has been the president but this year it’s a president election and it stands between Al Gore and George Bush. A very strange thing is that it’s the president who choose the nine justices to Supreme Court.

The US is leading in most of the industry, one reason is that they are so technologically. Examples of what they are leading in: aerospace, motor vehicles and telecommunications. About 30-40% of the worlds industry are in the US.
Agriculture products who you can find in the country are: corn, wheat, other grains, fruits, vegetables, cotton, beef, pork, poultry, dairy products, forest products and fish.

US exports: Cars, raw material, capital gods, consumer gods and agriculture products.

Some powerful numbers
In 1997 there was about 575 million radios in the US.
They have 14572 airports and of them are only 5174 paved.
There are more then 1 500 television channels in the US.

The military
In US they do the military service when they are 18 but if it should happens something the state can conscript men between 15 and 49 year. US hasn’t signed the UN’s child convention, one reason is that it stands in the convention that you are a child until eighteen years old. If US should sign they don’t can conscript men under eighteen.

Things worth seeing
In the US there are many things who is worth to see I have done some researched about three of them Grand Canyon, Old Faithful and Mount Rushmore. I chosed them because I had heard about them.

Grand Canyon
One of the most famous thing worth seeing is the Grand Canyon. It’s a popular place for the tourists. Some places in the canyon is 1,6 km deep. It was the Colorado river who made this canyon, the last 6 millions year it has carved it self down in the ground. The beautiful walls are made of: sandstone, lime stone, shale, and granite.

Old faithful
Mother nature has made this geyser Old faithful. It’s in Yellowstone national park who is in the north-west corner of Wyoming. In the park you can find plenty geysers, but Old Faithful is the most famous. It got its name because it has almost regular eruption. When it gets its eruptions it spit out an high water jet, some times the jet can be 52 metres high.

Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore is a mountain known for its four president stone heads. The monument is in South Dakota and the presidents who has been carved out is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. This monument is one of the most famous in the whole US.
It was made by the sculptor Gutzon Borglum together with his son Lincoln. This masterpiece took six and a half year to make and it was finished in 1941. The tools they used to carve out the 18 m high heads were dynamite and drills.

After that I have searched about the US I know a lot more about the country.
I know more about some sights worth seeing and I also know some more about the country in whole. The sights worth seeing I had learned more about are Grand Canyon, ...

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