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About Gothenburg

As a visitor in gothenburg you will notice the nearness. It´s close to everything in Gothenburg. You can reach almost everything by foot or with a short tram ride.The sea and the archipelago are not far away from the city. The shopping in the city are fine with small boutiques, trendy fashion and design, as well as chainstores and department stores. Gothenburg have always been a traiding and industrial city. Here you´ll find big companys as Volvo, SKF and Ericsson. There are a lot of developing now in Gothenburg. The city are going to get better contact with the harbour area and the sea. Better contact also means access to the world´s greatest fish and seafood. Take a walk through Gothenburgs streets and you´ll notice the contrasts; Trendy bars next to beautiful 19th century buildings.
At christmas both Liseberg and avenyn are filled with lights and season markets.

Buy Göteborgs paketet that costs about 485 SEK/person and you get a free night on a hotel, you also gets free entry to Christmas at Liseberg, Universeum and the cities museum etc. Besides you also get free parking and can ride free with public transport.

Travel to Gothenburg

It´s easy to travel to Gothenburg, with ferry, train, by air or bus.
In Gothenburg the trams are very common. Jump on a tram and enjoy a very special trip. At the bus and tram stops in the city they have an electronic board where they show exactly when your bus comes. Älvsnabben are the ferry that crosses Götaälv. A bit of a different way to travel, but it’s very popular for people that travel between city and “Norra Älvstranden”. Or if you just want to enjoy the harbour.
It goes many buscompanies both to and from Gothenburg.
Drives from Malmö to Gävle. Swebus have a guaranteed seat policy, so you don´t need to book a ticket, just jump aboard. And if the bus is full, a new one will come along.
CALL 08-545 68 999 for more information.
Svenska Buss
Booking required. Book on:
Tel: 0771-67 67 67
Goes from Gothenburg to copenhavn och Berlin. Säfflebuss have departure/day to europe.
For more information call 08 - 54 587 944.
or send an e-mail to
Telephone booking: 020 - 160 06 00.


Gothenburg have ferries to and from Denmark, Germany and Great Britain; Most of them have departures several a day.


There are 2 airports in Gothenburg: Landvetter International Airport and Gothenburg City Airport where Ryan Air flights.

Landvetter airport

Are 25 km east of Gothenburg. It goes buses from the city to Landvetter every 15th minute. The bus trip just takes 20 minutes.

City airport

Are about 10 km north-west of Gothenburg. It goes both charter tours and private jets from here. You get there by airbuses from the Nils Ericssons terminal.
For more information call: 031-92 60 60


To travel to Gothenburg by train are comfortable and easy. It goes express trains many times a day from the bigger cities in Sweden.

Central station

Are on Drottning torget in the middle of Gothenburg. Here you´ll find currency exchange, cash machines, car rental, Pressbyrån, newsagents, a bookshop and cafés. From the central the most buses and trams also goes.


SJ, the states railways, offer express trains to many cities in Sweden. It takes about 3 hours to go to Stockholm.


There are many hotels in Gothenburg. Here are some of them:
Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel *****

In the middle of the central Gothenburg, you´ll find this hotel. They offer a wonderful hotel environment where the visitors quickly feel like home. They offer high standard and comfort. The guests meet by staff with a big service feeling. At the hotel there is Atrium Bar & restaurant with an area for the kids during summertime.
Elite Plaza Göteborg *****

The hotel have 143 rooms included 5 suites. The rooms are furnished in classical style, with high standard and service level to do every visit to a unique experience. On the hotel there is a restaurant and a bar. You can also enjoy the hotels relax and training department.
Eggers Hotel ****

Are in the middle of the city across the central station. The hotel is one of the oldest in Sweden. Here you can live in peace and quiet.

Hotel Gothia Towers ****

The hotel is the biggest hotel in Scandinavia. The hotel has 704 first-class rooms with an amazing view over Gothenburg. Good food and panorama view can you enjoy at the hotels own restaurant. You can also have your conference at the hotel.
Hotel Opera ***

The hotel have very good standard and they also have a budget department. The hotel you´ll find in the middle of the city. It have a relax department, with a Jacuzzi & a solarium. You can also have your conference at the hotel.
Hotel Lorensberg ***

Are in the middle of Gothenburg culture city. The hotel has free movie channels. You are not allowed to smoke in the hotel.


Gothenburg are perfect to go shopping in.

Shopping areas


Is the biggest shopping center in Scandinavia. It has 150 shops. Here you´ll find clothes and home furnishing boutiques, sport shops, restaurants and cafés. There is a parking space for 2700 cars.
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10-19
Saturday 10-17
Sunday 12-16


Here are a mix of crystal, gift shops, clothes stores, pubs, cafés, restaurants and nightclubs.


Here you´ll find smaller shopping areas as Arkaden, Kompassen and Citypassagen. The boutiques are close to each other. Here you also find NK with many branded stores for, clothes, crystal and home furnishing. NK also have a restaurant floor with different dishes of food.


In this area you´ll find everything from costumes shops to home ware and a lot of clothes and shoe shops. You´ll find many of Gothenburg cinemas here. You can also go on the parallel and side-streets including Vallgatan and Viktoria passage, here you´ll find cosy cafés.

What to do in the summertime.

The Archipelago

If you are in Gothenburg in summertime you must visit some of the islands in the archipelago. A trip in Gothenburg archipelago is a experience. From Saltholmen you´ll reach the southern archipelago. All of the islands in south are free of cars. The boats go every day all year round.

Bathing in lakes

Bergsjön - are 10 km north-east of Gothenburg city. Take no. 6 and 11 tram to Bergsjön.

Delsjön - Are 6 km east of the city. Here are rocks, a jetty and grassy slopes. But Delsjön also have a basic WC, kiosk and a canoe hire. Take tram 5 to Töpelgatan or Bögatan, then It´s around 15 minutes to walk.

Sisjön - Are 11 km south of the city. Here are rocks, sand and lawns. Take bus 83 or 84 to Askims Svartmosse.

Bathing in the sea

Askims badet - Are 10 km south-west of the city. Here are sandy beach with a jetty and also a café and kiosk. Take GL Blue Express or no. 80 from Nils Erikssons Terminal to Askims badet.

Hovås - Are 11 km south-west of the city. Here are sandy beaches and rocks, and also a café, kiosk, diving-boards and lawns. Take GL Blue Express bus or no. 80 from Nils Erikssons Terminal to Hovås nedre.

Hästevik - Are 20 km north-west of Gothenburg in Torslanda. Here you´ll find sandy beaches and lawn, a jetty, diving-board and toilets. Take bus ...

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