Children in Auschwitz

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uppladdat: 2005-04-15
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Children were deported from all occupied areas to Auschwitz, since 1942.
The small kids were usually killed immediately because they were too young to work and totally useless.

When a mother arrived to Auschwitz with a baby in her arms they were both sent directly to the gass chambers. Because a child made it´s mother to look like she was unable to work. If the mother was seen to be able to work she was sent to the concentration camp.

Old people who arrived to Auschwitz were also sent directly to the gass chambers, apart from some families could stay together in the gypsy camp and the theresienstadt family camp.

Boys, which survived the selection, were first assigned to work as masons at the building of the crematories in Birkenau.
They did not get enough food for the hard work they made.
In 1943 when the crematiories in Birkenau were finished the boys were sent to Auschwitz 1, and together with other children they were killed by phenol injektions.

Some girls had to work as so called "kapos" who kept boys in order to satisfy their perverse sexual desires.

The children in the camps were prohibited to drink water, but they did it anyway and their little bodies became totally tainted. It was often impossible to find out which illness had caused their death.
Like the adults, the kids were only a mere bag of bones without muscles or fat, and the skin rubbed against their bones. And that caused blood diseases and ulcerated wounds.

Women who gave birth to children in the camps often died of blood-poisoning. Even after a sucsessfull birth, the life expectations of a baby was very low.

One man called Josef Mengele did horrible experiment on the children of the camp. In most cases he "treated" twins, by sewing them together, changing organs and injected kemicals in to their eyes to check if they could change eye colour.

In 1943 babies who were born in the camp were not killed anymore, but they got registered with numbers tatooed on their bottom or their thigh, since their arms were still to tiny.

Noone expected the babies to stay alive more then two months, but if the mother had kept her child alive for so long she had to give it up.
Otherwise she would be sent to the gass chambers togeter with the child.
They also took blue eyed jewish children away from their mother to be "germanised."

While other jewish children were killed with the same cruelty.

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  • Harry Hagenius 2013-11-07

    vilka källor har du använt för att hitta denna information?

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