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3.Short Profile
4.The press
5.The start of his carrier
6.Glory day for Alex
8.His time in Manchester United
10.Club Awards with Ferguson
11. Sources
13.Hard words

I have worked with Sir Alex Ferguson. Our essay had to be about something with Scotland. So I thought with peoples I know of that come from Scotland. My first idea was Sir Alex because I am a Manchester United fan. His personality interests me a lot. I was very happy when I got this essay idea. The best part was that it wouldn’t be doll or boring. If I do an essay on something that I believe is boring it would be boring to the readers and myself.

How important is he?
How famous is he?
Did he help the teams to win?
How much effort did he give to become famous and one of the greatest?
What has he won?
Is he wordy to be called Sir Alex Ferguson?

Short Profile
His full name is Alexander Chapman Ferguson. He was born in Govan, Glasgow. The date of birth was 31st December 1941. He signed for Manchester United 7th November 1986. He has won almost everything you can win as a manager.

The press
He has been in the English newspapers front page a lot in the past year. Scandals about him, David Beckham (ex Manchester United player) and the clubs major stockholder. He has had a lot of arguments with the major stockholder about many things in the club. Sir Alex just what to handle the players and don’t care about the press. He just thinks that the press disturbs the club. That why he didn’t like Beckham because he took to much press to the club. So whatever happened the journalists were over him like vultures. I can understand him why he doesn’t liked Beckham.

I think it’s strong of Sir Alex that he doesn’t care about the media. You can’t even walk 100meters without seeing someone famous selling himself to commercial. I realize that everyone is a capitalist, but what has Beckham to do with Pepsi? He is a professional soccer player so he has a strict diet. So he can’t drink Pepsi (filled with sugar) Good football players makes about 800 000-1 200 000kr in a week. That’s plenty enough. So why can’t they say no too 2 000 000-6 000 000? That’s kind of obviously that you can’t say no to so much money. But is that enough money to sell yourself to media?

The start of his carrier
He worked in the shipyard and played sometimes for Queens Park and St Johnstone (football clubs). He worked in the shipyard until he was 23.
He started to become a professional football player and joined Dunfermline in 1964 playing as a centre forward. Here he attracted the attention of his boyhood idols Glasgow Rangers and was bought for a then record £65,000 in 1967. However his time at Rangers was not a success and he moved to Falkirk in 1969 and eventually Ayr in 1973.
Eventually he gave up playing in 1974 to become manger of East Stirling.
Where St Mirren quickly spotted him. He managed St Mirren for 3 years until 1978. He had done well at St Mirren with limited resources but was surprisingly sacked after falling out with the chairman. Aberdeen soon took advantage of his availability and the Ferguson managerial legend began.

Glory days for Alex
Again with limited resources, he turned the average Aberdeen into a team that dominated Scottish football during the early 1980s and broke the traditional iron stranglehold of the Glasgow "Old Firm" giants of Rangers and Celtic. Aberdeen were the team to beat in the early 80´s and Ferguson proved it to all by showing them the glorious 2-1 victory over mighty Real Madrid in the 1983 European Cup Winners Cup, the last European trophy won by a Scottish team to date.

It was only a matter of time until the big guns came after him. He was approached by no less than Barcelona, Arsenal, Rangers and Tottenham (whom he seriously considered), but destiny in the end meant it could only be Manchester United.

His time in Manchester United
Sir Alex Ferguson is the man responsible for making Manchester United the greatest team of the 1990s. Ferguson has established himself as the most successful British manager of all time and in doing so has made Manchester United, after not winning the Premiership under 26years. Thanks to him Manchester is perhaps the best football team in the world. In times managers frequently come and go, but Ferguson stays put. Whatever happens to Ferguson or Manchester they always stays on top when the season is finished. Honest, fierce, driven, obsessive, charming, humorous, stubborn, aggressive - all of these words could describe Alex who has given heart and soul for Manchester United football club.

At the LMA´s Annual Dinner, Sir Alex picked up two awards, having been named as the Barclaycard Manager of the Year and, unsurprisingly, the Premier League Manager of the Decade.

Alex Ferguson became Sir Alex in 1999 (having already received the O.B.E and C.B.E honours in 1983 and 1995 respectively) as his achievements in football were recognised. It is largely thanks to his success in the transfer market that he has achieved so much in English football.

Hard words
O.B.E: Order of the British Empire, The most Excellent Order

C.B.E: Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Club awards with Ferguson

Manchester United
2002-03 FA Carling Premiership Champions
2000-01 FA Carling Premiership Champions
1999-00 FA Carling Premiership Champions
1998-99 UEFA Champions League Winners,FA Carling Premiership Champions,FA Cup Winners
1996-97 FA Carling Premiership Champions
1995-96 FA Carling Premiership Champions,FA Cup Winners
1993-94 FA Carling Premiership Champions,FA Cup Winners
1992-93 FA Carling Premiership Champions
1991-92 League Cup Winners
1990-91 European Cup Winners Cup Winners
1989-90 FA Cup Winners

1985-86 Scottish Cup Winners,Scottish League Cup winners
1984-85 Scottish Premier League Champions
1983-84 Scottish Cup Winners,Scottish Premier League Champions
1982-83 European Cup Winners Cup Winners,Scottish Cup Winners
1981-82 Scottish Cup Winners
1979-80 Scottish Premier League Champions

St Mirren
1976-77 Scottish First Division Champions


I read a few of his books “A year in a life” (it’s kind like a diary but not much informati...

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