Lucy Sullivan is getting married

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The book is about Lucy whom in the beginning goes to a fortune-teller whit her colleagues, witch is a bunt of weary weird girls. Lucy finds out that she is going to get married in a year of time. But Lucy doesn’t even have a boyfriend. She meets a man and slowly starts to believe in the prophecy, as the reader you understand quit quickly that this guy isn’t right for here, but off cores she doesn’t
This book is a clean girl book just not because the pink cover (that I was commented on) but its about finding the true love and other things girls can relate to. You also get a insight in what the typical Irish life is like. First on the countryside were Lucy’s family live, whit the house wife and so on. Then the life Lucy chose, moving to London working and parting, and not become a farming wife, like the most of new generation lives. The don’t follow the tradition and go to church the way the just to do. Were the priest used to read up last who hadn’t show up for church and dint get confession last Sunday.
In the book you can easy see the different roles, Lucy hasn’t a very good self-confidence. Her two room-mate are wary different, Charlotte is not so smart (the stupid one) and Karen is the neat one. And then the are so many other character whit something special just for them, So you can recognition parts of you in al the different characters.

Marian Keys has a very easy way to right, easy to understand easy to follow. Her catchy jocks make it more like reading a comical soap opera then reading a romantic novel. I still remember the first jock that made me laugh out laud. It was in the beginning of the book when the went to the fortune-teller and Lucy’s corpulent friend Meredia went in the small hall full off pictures and paintings in frames. She starts to tear down one frame when she turns around and when she picket it up she teat down some others and she doesn’t stop until al the pictures is down from the wall.
But its easy, nice, and relaxing entertainment without deep thoughts like in Watermelon. Marian Keyes has tried to get some seriousness in it, about love and relationships, but its more laugh then heavy thinking. You can compeer Marian Keyes to both Helen Fielding but also Nick Hornbys, in the way of describe the singles life and their way of righting.

Marian Keys was born 1963 and she has grown up in Ireland. Her breakthrough was Lu...

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