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Ozzy Osbourne was born on the 3 dec in 1948 in Aston a place in Birmingham. Ozzys real name is really John Michael Osbourne. He was first singer in the band Earth who later changed there name to the famous, The Black Sabbath. That the most of you have heard about. he left the bald in 1978 after a big fight with Tony Iommi the gitarrist. They faught abou if they would change there image our not. Tony wanted but not Ozzy. Ozzy felt that it would destroy there stil as Black Sabbath. In 1983 Ozzy made a break through as a soloartist with is first album Blizzard of Ozz and belive it our not Ozzys favourite band is The Beatles.

Ozzy was a very musical person he could play both the harmonica and the piano and ofcourse he could also sing. Once in his life he workt in a botsherhouse. Ozzy has also many times tried to kill himself the first time when he was 14. But one thing that made him feel better was when he wrote a song for his wife called "Mama, I,m Coming Home" Because he called Sharon "Mama".

The 20 january, Ozzy was on a konsert in Des Moines in Iowa when someone suddenly throose up a bat on the staige. Ozzy thougt it was in plastique so he bite the head of the bat. Then he found out that it was a real one and he got really disscausted. The media made a big show about it and said thet he was a devil worshipper.
And his life didnit ger better when the 19 marce the same year he got the news that his close friend Randy Rhoads had died in a planekrasch. But a little bit of sunshine went throug his life when he the 4 of july married his girlfriend Sharon Arden. They married on the beautiful Island Maui. And Tommy Aldrigde the basist in Black Sabbath was best man. On the party after the wedding the band played some old Beatles songs for Ozzy. Some days after they had been husband and wife Sharon took over the role as Ozzys Manager after hes Dad Don Arden.

2nd of september Ozzy get his first child, a daugther, Aimee-Rachel, with his wife Sharon.

When Ozzy made the video to "so tired" a mirror exploaded and sended sharp pieces at glas in to his troat. Eight conserts were canseled. The 27th october his second child was born, they named her Kelly.

8th november Ozzy gets a son, Jack.

in January CBS got suid because a boy had killed himself, listening to Ozzys "suicide solution". The parents suid him because they thougt Ozzy sent messages in the song that made the boy kill himself.

the 17th of juli Ozzy beginns a show fore 6 weeks in the prisons in brittan.

the 12th of august Ozzy were on a moskva festival of peace. On week after that show ozzy comes home and findes a bag with 4 bottles of vodka. he drinks up all of them and reach the bottom of his career. He tries to strangle he´s wife sharon. sharon pushed the panic bottom in the house and the guards took care of Ozzy. the court judge him to 3 mounths of rehab from his family.

in October Ozzy injured his foot on stage and he had to move forward "Theatre of madness tour".

1 mars 1994 Ozzy wins a grammy for the best metal show, "I don´t want to change the world".

the 23 february 2000 Black Sabbath with Ozzzy also wins a grammy for the best metal show.

The last record with Ozzy is "The Essential Ozzy Osbourne" wich wa...

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