A Christmas Carol

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“A Christmas Carol” is about the greedy Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. He’s a mean and morose man who hates Christmas. According to him Christmas is nothing else than humbug. His firm is doing well, in spite of his partner Marley’s death eight years ago.
Scrooge always gets an invitation from his nephew to dine with his family every Christmas, but he always declines. He doesn’t know that this Christmas is going to be quite different.
On Christmas Day he gets a visit by a ghost, the spirit of his dead companion Marley. The ghost tells him to change his mind about Christmas, and to help him succeed with that he will be visited of three spirits. They will all visit him during the night, within three hours.

At first Scrooge tells himself that it’s a joke and he’s just dreaming, but when the clock is closing to 1 o’clock the first ghost appears. It’s a pretty small ghost who looks like a boy, but with hair as white as if with age. He’s the Ghost of Christmas Past, Scrooge’s past. The ghost takes him back in time to Scrooge’s childhood. He’s told that the people aren’t aware of their presence and that he might want to return to the school. In the classroom sits a neglected child all alone. Scrooge recognizes himself and for the first time in the book shows his feelings. The other Christmases shown by the Ghost of Christmas Past brings out more memories. His sister Fan, who died giving birth to her son, brings him home one Christmas. Scrooge also visits his first employer. They celebrated Christmas many years by singing and dancing. The last scene he’s visiting with the Ghost of Christmas Past is a woman called Belle. She’s the only woman Scrooge really loved, but he rejected her because of his work and money. All the time Ebenezer turns more emotional and you can almost see how his heart is growing.

An hour later it’s time for the second of the three spirits. The Ghost of Christmas Present is a huge man with a blue robe and a torch in one of his hands. The torch was magic, and turned angry words between people to good humour and kind words.
They start of by visiting Scrooge’s clerk, Mr Bob Cratchit. The whole family is assembled and every body is happy. Tiny Tim, the son of Mr Cratchit, is a cripple and everybody is caring about him a little extra. His sisters helps their mother to cook the dinner witch is something special. Scrooge himself looked at the small goose and the pudding, quietly wondering if it was enough for the entire family. Scrooge asks the Ghost whether Tiny Tim will survive, and the ghost tells him that he won’t. They leave the Crathcits and go on to Scrooge’s nephew and his Christmas party. Everybody is enjoying themselves and playing games, dancing and having a good time. After this visit they return to Scrooge’s house and his bed. The Ghost of Christmas past leaves him to wait for the third Spirit.

The third Spirit approaches at 3 o’clock. The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come is a tall creature wearing a long, black robe with a hood, looking similar to the personification of death, which scares Scrooge a lot. It never speaks a word and only points in different directions where it wants Scrooge to look. The Ghost leads him to the stock market, witch is like a second home for Scrooge. It shows him a group of men discussing a matter that starts to interest Scrooge. They’re talking about a greedy man that suddenly died during the night. The Phantom shows Scrooge several people that don’t seem to feel sorry for the dead man, but only happiness about the death. Scrooge sees his nephew and his wife grieving the man’s death and hates to se them crying he orders the Ghost to take him out of there. He also visits Bob Cratchit’s house and it hurts him badly that the chair belonging to Tiny Tim is empty. Their last stop during the night is at a cemetery. The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come forces him to look at a tomb, where his name is written. The next thing Scrooge knows is lying in his bed crying, talking loud saying that he will improve his living.

In the morning, on Christmas day, He’s a totally diff...

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    Väldigt bra arbete! =)


Inactive member [2005-02-10]   A Christmas Carol
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