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Why did I choose to write about Michael Jackson?

It took a long time before I decided to write about Michael Jackson. I chose this person because he is very interesting. I think he is interesting because his life has been full of scandals and successes. He has been a star almost his whole life and this has affected him. Michael isn’t the same person he was 25 years ago. His father has affected him a lot and made him a very special person. There are lot speculations around Michael Jackson and I find these speculations interesting.
I also think that Michael Jackson is an incredible musician and songwriter. Michael was my favourite artist when I was younger and I found him very interesting.

Worth knowing about the person

Michael Jackson’s life
A child was born in Indiana on August 29, 1958. The child got the name Michael Joseph Jackson and he was the seventh of nine children. His brothers and sisters were Maureen, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Randy and Janet.

Michaels father Joe played in a band together with his brother. The band was called “the falcons” and they practiced a lot at home. Joe dreamed about a life in luxury and fame but his time in the music business was over because he was rather old. After a while he started to realize that he could use his five sons to make his dream come true. So he started to train Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie, Tito and Michael to what was going to become the band The Jackson Five (J59).

Michael him self doesn’t remember very much from the start of J5 because he was only five years old then. But he remembers a little about how he sang and danced and worked more than an ordinary child. Joe was very hard when he trained them, he insulted and punched them. In some cases he waked them up in the middle of the night to check if they remembered the dance steps and the song they had practiced on.

Michael says that when he came home from school he was lucky if he got something to eat before he went to the studio. He spent the rest of the day in the studio and often came home long after bedtime. He often saw children play and being happy outside the Motownstudio and he wished that he was one of them.
But Michael says that it was him self that decided to choose the showbusiness and he never got forced to do anything. Michael also thinks that it is as natural to stand on the stage as breathing.

J5 got their career going when Michael was around 8-9 year old. 1965 they won their first talent hunt and four years later they released their first single that is called “I want you back”

that was a mix of both R&B and pop sound. But it was “I’ll be there” that was their real breakthrough. The song was number one at the hit list for five weeks and that is very unusual. On December 18, 1969 they released their first album that got the name “Diana Ross Presents The Jackson Five”. The Jackson Five was always on the top of the hit lists and they started to make serious money. Michael says that their father never took the money that they earned.

The teenage girls got obsessed of J5. The Jackson Five had at 1976 made 11 albums together and sold over 100 million copies.

All the albums were made in the same studio, the Motownstudio. 1975-76 the band was starting to get inner crises and before it split in 1976 Michael had already prepared his solo career. The other brothers got married and started a family. At 1976 Michael started to write his own songs and make his own dances. Michael had already tried a solo career in 1972 when he sang the soundtrack to the movie “Ben”. At 1978 he played a scarecrow in the musical “the wiz” and there was also Diana Ross that was a good friend with Michael.

Quincy Jones is Michael’s good friend and producer. Quincy is called Q because he loves barbeque. The first time they met was when Michael was twelve years old. They met under the production of “the wiz” and their friendship started to look like a father-and son relationship. So when Michael was thinking about doing a solo record he called Q to get suggestions on producers. Q wondered why he hadn’t asked him if he would like to be a producer and Michael did realize how great it could be to have Q at his side that could support him. Q became Michael’s producer and together they made “Off the Wall”, that is one of Michael’s greatest records.

Michael didn’t employ his father because he didn’t want his new solo album to get the same sound as J5. The record took long time to complete because they wanted it to be perfect and when it released in 1979 it sold six million copies in just America.

When “Off the Wall” sold so good he wanted to get higher, a dream that he had since he was a little child so when he started to work with thriller he worked very hard to achieve his goal. Sometimes it was a very demanding work and he was near to break together but he made it because he is a very strong person. Thriller was released 1982 and was placed at the bestseller list in the Guinness record book because it sold in 41 million copies. But Michael wasn’t pleased with that so when he made the record “bad” he made 100 copies but it was only 22 millions that bought it. The record bad was about the life on the street but you can ask yourself how much Michael knew about the life on the street.

Michael Jackson tried to get better all the time. Many people think that Michael got megalomania after thriller so he always tried to renew himself and get better.

Michael did always like children and animals. He loves children because he sees the children’s happiness, the happiness that he never experienced as a child. That is why he likes to play and have fun with children. Neverland is Michael Jackson’s own amusement park and zoo. Michael loves animals especially apes. He has a chimpanzee that is called Bubbles and it is an amazing pet. Neverland is very special, something that every child dream about. Neverland isn’t only a big amusement park but also Michael’s home.

The dance
Michael got the dance in his blood. Since he was very young he has seen other people dance and mimic their dance and stile. When he was recording “The Wiz” the other dances got mad at him because he learned the steps much faster than them. This made the other dances get envious and they laughed at him when tried to avoid showing how good he was on learning the steps. Michael has made many different dances but the one he is most famous of is the moonwalk (see picture?) he steps backwards and it looks like he floats a bit above the ground. The dance has always been very important in Michael’s shows. Michael without dancing is like winter without coldness.

The rumours
There are many rumours about Michael Jackson and nobody but Michael knows if all of them are true.
Michael has been accused to be a paedophile. The whole thing started in 1993 when Michael got accused of molesting a thirteen year old boy named Jordy Chandler. The boy was a fiend of Michael that one day came home and told his father that Michael had molested him. Jordys father took up the case with the police that started to investigate it.
But after a while the case closed but it affected Michael’s reputation.
Just a little while ago Michael got notified of the thirteen year old cancer sick boy Gavin Arvizos. He is accused of sex crime and Gavin says that Michael drugged him with tablets and wine. This accuses can give Michael 25 years in prison.
In an interview Michael says that he is sensitive for the children’s pain, he wants to do anything to help and without children on the earth he would take his life. He is very concerned about that child’s goes to school with weapons and he says that a child needs to be loved and hugged. The parents go to work and leave the children home alone at the computer. This is ruining our world, we need to get closer each other again he says in an interview with the magazine The Sun. The pronouncement was made in a try to reduce the accuses. The lawyers and prosecutors do connect this pronouncement with how Michael wants it to be with his father, he is talking about himself.

An other rumour is that Michael has made plastic surgeries. As you can see on the picture (?) Michael doesn’t look the same as he did when he was younger. When Michael was young he looked like an ordinary Afro-American but know he look like a white man. His skin is lighter than it was before and he says that he’s got a skin decease that is called vitiligo that makes the skin gradual lighter. There are many people that say that he has made surgery or that he wears a lot of light makeup. Michael Jackson

has written a song that is called “black or white” and in that song he is singing “it doesn’t matter if you are black or white” you can ask yourselves if he really mean that.

Everybody knows that he has done nose jobs but he says that he has done that because he wants to take higher tones not to hide his inheritance. He is denying that he has made many surgeries like his lips and chin. Many peoples think that he has made the surgeries because he was very similar his father and he didn’t want to see his fathers face in the mirror.

One scandal is the accuses about sex crimes against Michael but I have already told you about that.
An other scandal is that Michael that has made billion of dollars on his success almost is bankrupt. Michael does earn 15 million dollar a month but this money he shops for and it happens that Michael buys several cars in just a few days. In a loan agreement with Bank of America he has decided to spend 10,5 million crones a month but he shops for more than this almost every month.
The problem is that Michael doesn’t earn as much as he did under his days of glory and he hasn’t adjusted to this yet.

Michael Jackson was awarded the distinction “Biggest idiot in America”. He won a great victory over the second placed Mike Tyson. Michael got the title after he held out his child out of the window.
“The fool” gets elected of the American people and this year Michael got elected as “Biggest idiot in America”.

Michael got dragged in to the court by a female investor named Kathleen Kelly, she says that Michael owns her 100 million dollars. Her lawyer says that she had put down a lot of work on Michaels business but he never paid her, instead he played a fool to be excused to take responsibility and pay.

An American policeman named Bill Dworin says that he has found sensors in Michaels room, these was used to warn if some adult was closing.
Bill discovered the sensors when he was looking for evidence against Michael in the beginning of the 90s.
Bill says that the sensors were used to prevent Michael to get caught in an unnecessary situation.

Michael got dragged into an other police investigate after a while, that was about that Michael had fought with a photographer and he was suspected for maltreatment. The police are investigating the case that says that Michael has punched a female photographer when she was trying to get a picture of Michael and his son Prince. It wasn’t only Michael that fought because it was two of his lifeguards that stood for the most of the pushing.

In what way is this person important?

This person isn’t very important for the world. This person conveys a message with most of his songs and he put a smile on many people’s faces. Michael Jackson is very important to his fans all over the world. I don’t think Michael Jackson is a bad person, I think he is very lonely and maybe needs a little help but he’s not a paedophile or something like that. He just wants to make people happy. Michael Jackson likes children and don’t want to hurt them. He invites vulnerable children to Neverland and helps them; he gives them a great time.
Michael Jackson was always my great idol when I was younger. He is one of the best songwriter, dancer and singer that I know of and I really admire him.
Michael had a hard time growing up and that is why he is a very special man, he missed his own childhood. Many people should get disappointed if Michael got into prison. He is a very important person for his fans and some sees him as a good.

What can I learn from this person?

I can’t learn so much from Mic...

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    Mycket bättre än hon den först

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    Good job! I really liked your biography about the Kong of Pop! I like that u have your own opinion and feeling touch in the text. It makes more interesting! Keep rocking!


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