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1. Introduction

When our teacher in English told us that we were supposed to do a group assignment about a country, I became happy. Because I love to do assignment and I think I’m quite good on doing assignments. And that we were supposed to choose an English speaking country to the assignment weren’t any problems. I wanted to do an assignment about Australia- “The country Down under”. I think I specially like Australia because my uncle have been living and working there, and than I got some cousins Down under. And the year 1999 my parents were in Australia for three weeks, and they brought movies, photos, gifts and other funny things back which made the country interesting for me and my brothers. I think I probably go to Australia some day in my life.

This assignment is suppose to include the different kinds of people who lives in Australia, the religion in the country and than I’m going to write a little bit about Northern Territory because I’m going to write about Ayers Rock. I’m going to write some lines about Queensland because I’m going to write about the Australian music group Savage Garden. I’m also going to write other things that is important or interesting to write and read, like a small Australian dictionary. To finish I’m going to write an conclusion and also write sources I have been using in my assignment. I’m going to do my absolutely best to get this assignment funny and interesting to read. I hope you will enjoy it.

2. Australia in general

The countries full name is “Commonwealth of Australia” and the area of the country is about 7,7 square kilometres. They speak mostly English, but both Aboriginal, Italian, Greek and other European language in the country Down under. The capital of Australia is Canberra with a population of 311 000 people. There lives about 94% Europeans, 4% Asians and 1,5% aborigines in Australia. And the religion in the country Down under is 75% Christians, 1% Muslims, 1% Buddhists and 0,5% Jews. Six federal states are included in Australia. Those six are: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, Victoria and Western Australia. The biggest cities in Australia are: Perth (Western Australia’s capital) Adelaide (South Australia’s capital) Brisbane (Queensland’s capital) Sydney (New South Wales’s capital) Darwin (Northern Territory’s capital) Melbourne (Victoria’s capital) and Canberra (Australia’s capital). Australia is an enormous island and the island is placed south of Indonesia, between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. In the part of the world which is called Australia are both Australia and New Zealand included.

3. Northern Territory

Northern Territory is one of Australians six federal states. As you can read in the federal state’s name is it placed in north of Australia. In the Subtropical zone. The people who lives in Australia call the Northern Territory “the countries geographic heart”. Northern Territory got three fantastic places and they are Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon. Northern Territory is an dessert and the part of the dessert where Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon are placed in are called Uluru. Here have the Aboriginal people lived for more than 30 000 years. And the first white human came to Uluru approximately year 1960.

4. Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock is as the name tell us just a rock. A rock which is very attractive to take photographs of. The Aboriginal people The rock is placed in the federal state called Northern Territory and as you could read in the chapter about Northern Territory is the rock placed in a dessert and the surrounds of enormous tropical plants and extensive red sand and red stones. If I will go back to the rock. As I wrote in the first sentence is it just a rock, but maybe not just a rock. It is actually the biggest rock in the world. And it’s just build of sand, the ground is sand and the top is stone. Many tourists want to climb up on the rock and that is one opportunity you have if you are in Northern Territory. Even if the rock is holy to the Aboriginal people doesn’t that stop the money thirst Australian to let tourists climb on the rock. The Aboriginal people think that climbing on the rock is a huge crime. Even through the Australian people make money on letting tourists climb on the rock the tourists climb at there’s own risk. That do I think is a little bit weird, because if the Australian make money on that. From my point of view they can have guided climbs. That because it is steep and tourists have all ready died there. I assert that the Australians all ready have destroyed the holy Ayers Rock for the Aboriginal people so they can do the rock more tourist adapted. In the future can I se small bungalows you can go in up to the top of the rock like the lift system in the Alps skiing mountains. I think that more people would go to Ayers Rock if it were organised as a lift system, because that would do it more like a family tourist attraction. That because I, of own experience, know that children don’t like to walk very long and I don’t think so many parents want to let their children walk up to the top of Ayers Rock. I wouldn’t let mine do that kind of dangerous activity. Below this text you will find two pictures.

5. Queensland

Queensland is the federal state which is placed in the upper east corner. Over New South Wales which also is an federal state. Queensland is the second biggest federal state in Australia (Western Australia is biggest). Queensland is the country’s second most popular tourist place just because of their tropical climate (Sydney is more popular). Brisbane is a very modern city with skyscrapers, beside those skyscrapers is Brisbane the capital of Queensland. The region Gold Coast got a place which name is Surfers Paradise. And the name (Surfers Paradise) is more than true. The parts of north Queensland is untouched rainforests. The federal state Queensland got cities like: Cairns, Mount Isa, Ravenswood, Maryborough. The great Barrier Reef.

6. Savage Garden

Savage Garden is an Australian music band, from Queensland. Daniel Jones played guitar in a band called Red Edge. 1992 did Daniel’s band look for a singer so Daniel Jones putted in an add in a local music magazine in Brisbane. Darren Hayes answered the add and spoke to Daniel. Darren applied for the job with twenty other people. When Darren were supposed to sing it didn’t went very well. Mr. Hayes got some so called “rooster” in his throat and sang in the wrong tune but the wrong tune didn’t do anything. Daniel and the rest of the band members liked Darren’s very special and emotional voice. Almost at the same time Darren joined the band the other members started to drop of and disappear. In 1994 did Daniel and Darren chose to leave the (non exist) band and start to work together. As a band they moved to Sydney and played on clubs and other bar places for about two years. During those two years did Darren and Daniel send out 150 demos. Everyone of those did they get back, besides one. 1996 did John Woodruff (a talent searcher) sign them. After a year was their first single “I Want You” released (1997). Already 1994 when the two guys started to work together as a band did they make up the name Savage Garden. The name comes from Anne Rice’s famous books whit the title “Vampire Chronicles”. In Swedish does the name means “Vild Trädgård”. Daniel’s and Darren’s first album have sold more than 12 million copies and of those 12 million is it almost 100 000 just in Sweden. Many of their fans love them because of those 8 reasons:
1.They make wonderful music.
2.They make the music all by their own.
3.They stand with their both foots on the earth.
4.They appreciate their fans.
5.They are incredible funny and nice.
6.They are from Australia.
7.You always got something to look forward to (for a new album or their concerts)
8.Their albums and concerts are always worth to wait for.
Now I’m going to write some lines about both Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones and I’ll start with Darren Hayes.

Facts about Darren Hayes (who is the singer and write the texts)
His complete name is Darren Stanley Hayes even that his name means “darling” in old English does he not like it. Darren’s nickname is “Daz” and he is a humorist, he is also humble and he really like attention and besides those qualities is he general nice. He lives in Brisbane in Australia but he has also bought a house in Marin County -San Francisco. Daz is 27 years old he’s sign is Taurus. In his family are his father (Robert) his mother (June) his older brother (Peter) and his older sister (Tracey) included. Between 1995 and 1998 was Darren Hayes married to Colby Taylor, but now are they separated. However does they still have two dogs (Obi and Oola) together. Daz got blue eyes and he is 178 centimetres long. From the beginning was he fair-haired but now has he got black hair. When he watch TV does he look at programs like: Seinfeld, Friends, Crazy about you and Ellen and films like: Star Wars, Bladerunner and ET. His favourite artist are: U2, Sara McLachan, Prince, Michael Jackson and some more. Daz doesn’t drink alcohol. He have been a vegetarian but now he eats white meat. He love the cologne “Dolce and Gabbana” very much. Darren believes in faith.

Facts about Daniel Jones (who writes and take care of the music)
His complete name is Daniel Jones and his nickname is “Dan”. Daniel is a calm and also very reserved in media and because of that does the media tell us that he is the “boring” part in the band, even through he was quite crazy when he was young. Dan is 30 years old and lives in Brisbane (he was born in England, but moved to Australia 1974) Daniel’s sign is lion. In Dan’s family there are his father (Johan) his mother (Chris) and his two older brothers (Jonathan and Oliver). Daniel got a girlfriend which name is Michelle and they have a dog together. Dan got green eyes and is 180 centimetres long. He got dark blond hair. When Daniel watch TV does he look at programs like: Seinfeld, The Simpson’s and South Park and listen to music like: Tears for Fears, George Michael, Alanis Morisette and Sheryl Crow. Dan doesn’t regret anything, because he don’t think that regretting make things better. Instead of regretting should you learn of your mistakes. When Daniel was in school was he a “punk/wagger” which made him played truant. He dropped of after 10 years in school. When Dan was young did he one night dream that he cut his finger of and as a result of that dream did he nearly cut his finger of the day after.

My own thoughts and reflections on Savage Garden
To finish the fact in the assignment do I want to say that I like Savage Garden a lot. I think that they have done a lot of good tunes. And I’ve got to say as their fans, because I’m one of those, that the eight points I wrote about Savage Garden is true. In the first point did I write that they does wonderful music is true. Daz and Dan make fantastic music, I especially like their “ I Knew I Loved You” The song is about someone who think that he has find his best friend and than realise that he already have been loving this person his before he even met her (I Know I Loved You Before I Met You). That she is the person he has been waiting for his whole life. Than he also summarise the whole song with “I’m pleased that I find you”. The song is very beautiful and I really think that Darren wrote this song to his old wife (Colby Taylor). That because it seams like Darren really adores his old wife. In a lot of magazines does Daz say that Colby is his idol and that he always has loved her, just like in the text (I knew I loved you before I met you). I have listen to a lot of songs from Savage Garden and I think that almost every song is fantastic and special. Savage Garden have succeeded with the difficult task to make every single song special and important. That is one reason why so many people buy their albums and singles. I think that Savage Garden have reached that success they have because of their incredible combination between Daniel and Darren. Darren is more lively than Daniel and maybe that is because of that Daniel is three years older than Darren. As you could read in the reasons why the fans love them was the fourth point that Savage garden appreciate their fans. And I think that is very important because if they wouldn’t appreciate their fans would the fans lost the interest for the band in a quite fast. Not every person who is a fans to Savage Garden should lost the interest but I would.

7. A small Australian dictionary

Now am I supposed to write some words and phrases which can be interesting or necessary to have when you go to Australia.
-Arvo = eftermiddag
-Bewdie = fantastisk, toppen
-Billabong = vattenhål i en uttorkad flodbädd
-Bludger = latmask
-Bore the pants off somebody = att vara väldigt tråkig
-Choppers = tänderna
-Dinki-di = äkta, genuin
-Earbash = prata oavbrutet
-Flog = sälja
-G’day = God dag
-Grouse = utmärkt
-Hoon = idiot
-Knuckle sandwich = knytnävslag i ansiktet
-Lollies = godis
-Mate = kompis, vän
-No hoper = hopplös
-Oz = Australien
-Piss = öl
-Quack = lärare
-Roo = känguru
-Roobar = kängurugaller på fordon
-Stinker = varmt
-Sheila = ung kvinna
-Spunky = attraktiv
-Telly = TV
-Up shit creek without a paddle = ligga risigt till
-Walkabout = lång vandring bort från allt
-Yahoo = gaphals


Well now after I’ve done the whole assignment am I fairly satisfied. I think I’ve done a great job and I’m quite happy with the assignment. In the assignment is a lot of interesting and funny fact included. I think I’ve successfully balanced the interesting and boring things. I hope you also think so. Well now when you have read this assignment I hope you can give me grammar on those mistakes I have done, because I want to be better on English. Even through I think I got a lot better when I were in Brighton (Great Britain) for three weeks the last summer. But on my trip I mostly learned to speak without problems. Back to the subject, the assignment you have in your hands. When I had found the fact I’ve thought I needed I realised that I had to write about something else than just Ayers Rock so I decided to write about the Australian Pop band- Savage Garden (one of the reasons that I ...

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