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Sunday May 12th
It’s a beautiful Sunday morning at 4:57 a.m. and I’m off to the airport. I will spend my following two weeks in Canada, the second largest country in the world. I’m going to keep a diary of my trip just as a memory, I think it’ll be great to look back, when I’m older, what I’ve done in my life. You see, I won this trip just one week ago, so I’m still chocked about it. I will meet my friends at the airport, so I have to hurry so I don’t miss our flight! I’ll write tomorrow… See you!
Lots of Love // Nathalie

Monday May 13th A.M.
Good morning!
I’m so tired but I have to get up now, because I can’t waste my free holiday away in bed. It feels quite strange to know that you’re six time zones away from home, but it feels good. My friends and me, live in a hotel in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, which I think is nice and luxury. But I think I’ll go downstairs and have some breakfast before my friends are ready down there. See you tonight!
Hugs & kisses // Nathalie

Monday May 13th P.M.
We’ve just got back to the hotel after a long, long day. You know, after I got out of the hotel room for a much longed-for breakfast, my friend, who is very imprudent, forgot the check-in card to the hotel room inside the hotel room, so we had to ask the receptionist for a new card that we could open the door with. Embarrassing!!
We finally got into town. We went through lots of big shopping centres, several cafés and even some small interior shops.
After all I found a wonderful wine-coloured dress of velvet for half price. I made a bargain, so my day has been quite successful, except the catastrophe with the check-in card. I got to have my sleep of beauty now, so see you soon Dear Diary!!
Sleep tight! // Nathalie

Wednesday May 15th
Today, my friends and I went to Quebec to see what it was like over there. The star Celine Dion is grown up in this society.
The city of Quebec is very small, with lots of alleys. It’s very nice and cosy over there. But I wouldn’t live there it’s too quietly.
And they only speak French, so I just stood and said like; what? Funny experience though // Nathalie

Friday May 17th
Tonight it’s a hockey game that we’re going to see live. There is Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Philadelphia Flyers.
Mats Sundin, Marcus Ragnarsson and Kim Johnsson are three Swedish stars that I know about. I’ll try to get their signs, wish me good luck!
Maybe you don’t agree with my opinion, but I don’t think any of the ice hockey players look good. We’ll see if I change my mind tonight… Our seats at the game cost us a fortune, about $100.00 all together.
I’m out for today, and let’s hope I’ll have great time tonight!
A special warm greeting to you who are all alone out there! // Nathalie

Saturday May 18th
Oh my God! You won’t believe what happened last night. I really regret what I wrote yesterday… There is one exception, Ken Klee.
He’s the sweetest guy on the planet. You see, when the game was passed my best friend Hannah and I went down to the boxes where the stars were. We were looking for Mats Sundin when a handsome guy laid his hand on my shoulder and said; “You got the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” I couldn’t get a word over my lips. I just stood there, blushed and out of words. After that we had spoken for a while, he seemed really nice, not like a hard and tough ice hockey player. I fell in love, not for real just with that excited feeling. I got his number, so maybe sometime we’ll meet again. Oh, by the way, his and Mats team won the game. I had a real good time.
Today we’re going to do nothing, just analyse the previous week.
See you! // Nathalie

Monday May 20th
A week of our holiday here in Canada has past away and it’s just one more to go. So yesterday (Sunday May 19th) we decided that we should move to another hotel, in another province. After lots of researches we all agreed about making a trip to Edmonton.
And here we are, in Edmonton waiting for our taxi to arrive. We’re going to the World Waterpark and have some fun among the waves.
I hope I’m not drowning, I’ve heard it’s a lot of good looking guys here in Edmonton… The taxi is here!
Take care! // Nathalie

Tuesday May 21st
Today, I’m sick, very sick. I’ve been throwing up all morning. Maybe it’s because I was like a wild animal yesterday, I mean with all kids in the water. I had a heck of a good time. But these are obviously the consequences. I hope I feel better tomorrow. Lots of Love! // Nathalie
Thursday May 23rd
My illness is gone with the wind and I’m recovered. To celebrate I’m not sick anymore we’re going out tonight, shaking our asses at the dance floor. We’re going to a place called Divas, which is situated in North Edmonton. We’ve heard that it’s a great place to go if you’re into trance… The all four of us loves trance so that’s our place for tonight.
“Shake your ass, watch yourself” – About a boy.
// Nathalie

Friday May 24th
Every one of us drank last night, but even if we didn’t got drunk, we’re not at the top of health today. That’s what you got to pay for entertainment, there is no God or at least that’s my opinion. Well, we deserve something better than a paralysing headache and a swallowed body. We’ve checking out a nice and very expensive spa in Whitehorse, and that’s our destination for today. We got to pack our bags and check out of the hotel now, but I won’t forget to write tomorrow!
Ciao!! // Nathalie

Saturday May 25th
My legs feels like spaghetti, you can’t imagine how it was lying there doing nothing, just six hands groping on your back.
It was amazing! Just to mention I dreamed about being massaged by six beautiful men, I can tell you, that were even more amazing.
But I’m sorry Diary to...

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