The Gulf War

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How did the war start? The Gulf war started when Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein claimed that Kuwait belonged to Iraq. Iraq surprised Kuwait by invading their country in August 2,1990. Operation dessert fox started against Iraq led by USA.

Why does Iraq want Kuwait so badly? The answer to that according to my research is that Kuwait has a great amount of oil. Oil means money and money can be used to build highly dangerously weapons. With these weapons then Iraq can take over more land and that means more oil. Off course then there isn’t oil everywhere but a huge amount of it can be found in the Gulf.

Why can countries like Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons? Actually then no country is aloud to have nuclear weapons but organisations like the UN doesn’t seem to mind that much even if the countries are on the edge of starting a war.

What kinds of weapons are highly dangerous? Almost all weapons are dangerous, the kinds of weapons that Saddam Hussein has are biological, nuclear and chemical weapons. Today then no body is sure what kind of weapons Saddam has but most people agree that he is hiding something. He has never aloud weapon inspectors or journalists to visit all the places that they want to.

What is the UN? The UN stands for United Nations where almost all countries in the world are members in, including Iraq. The UN is divided in different sections like UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, and UNEP.

The war
Shortly after Iraq invaded Kuwait the world got shocked even if Iraq had plans of invading their so-called 19th province. Saddam Hussein used his best troops to invade, they had brought really dangerous weapons but that didn’t have that much destruction to the environment. The real war started when the leading countries helped Kuwait. Chemical and nuclear weapons were used in the war by Iraq. The other sides got badly wounded but didn’t give up but they won the war at the end.

After the war
Americans are still today keeping an eye on Saddam Hussein who still rains over Iraq. The US army still has bases in the Gulf. I’ve been at one in Bahrain, it’s like a different world where guns and American dollars is a common sight. Americans don’t really seem to take care of the environment. You can find trash everywhere and the sea is basically dead. If you look at Kuwait then armoury from the war is still there. However then the economy has improved dramatically in the gulf region thanks to the banks and oil. Weapon inspections has been in Iraq a couple of times after the war but haven’t been aloud to go everywhere. The UN is currently negotiating with Iraq so it’s only a matter of time when they’ll be aloud in. If that won’t happen then the US and it’s allies will demolish all of Iraq but I think that the US will bombard Iraq if it’s okay or not. George W. Bush has already provided the US army with record high new fresh billions.

Before and after
Before the war then there were pearl divers and fishermen. The natives used a minimal amount of recourses to do their jobs. Fish, dolphins, and other sea life could be found everywhere. It was the perfect paradise until the war broke out.

During the war then civilians were killed and the west didn’t care about the inhabitants. A new type of war was being used, a modern one using chemical and nuclear weapons. Chemical weapons weren’t used in great scales but they were used. No one could adapt them self’s to the environment that fast so a lot of things went wrong. Even today then people are born deformed. Injuries were common by both civilians and military.

After the war then Saddam didn’t lose his power, even today then he’s a great leader if he still is alive. Iraq is aloud to trade things with the international market but a lot of countries have boycotted Iraq. This has led to that people in Iraq have starved to death. The industries that are there aren’t that environment friendly so the lakes there are really polluted. Thousands of people in Iraq have died as a cause of the war and many more are on the list. It’s only the best that survive so in ten to twenty years time then Iraq’s citizens will probably be a richer. The US has spent billions of dollars trying to defeat Saddam Hussein but have failed. The US air force seems to bomb civilians rather than military targets. So the US has caused lots of environmental problems in Iraq too.

Today then the Arabian Gulf is practically dead but things are being done to get back the sea life for example dumping non-dangerous metals. This might sound a bit insane but by doing this then corals can live. For ten years ago then this would never have had been a solution but today then it works. So in other words then if we’ll destroy the ecosystem then we have to rebuild it. Otherwise then it could take several decades or even centuries to get it back. The fish that can be found there is smaller, more expensive if you’ll follow the inflation rate and has less taste today. I’ve eaten it so I know how it is like.

On land then there has also been a change since the war especially in Iraq. Weapon factories have been left alone and children seem to use those as playgrounds. The southwest part of Iraq is covered by dessert and that’s where a lot of the mass destructive weapons seem to be. There isn’t much wildlife there but what can be found is probably effected. As a cause of the Gulf war then cattle has been slaughtered as a ca...

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