My night at the Globe

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uppladdat: 2000-07-05
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Last night I had nothing to do so I decided to try something that I had never done before. Visit the theatre. Several of my friends have been there and they all loved it. So I set my tracks towards the famous “Globe”. When I first arrived I was stunned, what a crowd! All kind of different people. I could see beggars, ordinary people just like myself but also members of the upper class. The crowd was quite noisy as I bought my ticket and headed for the entrance. My lack of money allowed only a standing place but I was perfectly happy where I was. There was a certain atmosphere that I had never sensed before. I was starting to really looking forward to this experience. I started to look around, I was eager to get a view of this new surrounding. The building had no roof so it was very warm since it was sunny outside. I was a bit jealous of those people who could afford a place in the shady galleries. It was obvious that it was the best seats and that you had to earn a lot more than I did to afford them. I actually think I saw the riches man in town sitting on the best seat with his fat wife. I would never have thought that he would even come whitin a miles distance of the people that where standing around me in this circular building. Quite impressive actually. I do not think that I have ever been in a round building before. This was really turning out to be some evening!

My expectations grew higher. The only thing that maybe cast a shadow on the experience was the stench from the buckets that served as toilets placed in the corridors. Also the constant nut cracking from the viewers were annoying. But it is just part of the charm, I reckon. People were starting to get quite impatient and were beginning to shout. Finally a man entered the stage. He had nice clothes that looked expensive. He began to speak. The audience was listening to his monologue in silence. The teller told us that we were going to see a play written by William Shakespeare. I was gladly suprised, because I had heard a lot about this gentleman. The play was “Much ado about nothing” which I also had heard of. I focused my attention to the stage.

The stage was placed on one side and I stood in the middle with quite a good view. The scene was not as big as I had thought and surrounded by people from three sides. There was even some people sitting on the stage. At first I thought that they were part of the play but I soon realised that they were just people who could afford the best seat in the theatre, nearest to the actors, on the stage. Except the chairs that the couple sat in there was no other piece or furniture on the stage. During the play they brought in some of necessary properties but it was just the most essential ones. The actors entered the stage and the play began.

The play was amazing. I forgot the outer world. The plot was very amusing and catching. It was not until a man in the audience suddenly screamed to on of the actors that he should not be so mean towards one of the other actors. The entire audience told him, not so polite, to shut up and let the actors get on with the play. The man mumbled something and became quite. The play continued. It was so amusing, I do not think that I have ever laughed so much for a long time. It was hard at first to get used to having male actors presenting the female rolls but after a while it was obvious. Of course some of the actors failed a little bit in their play but other parts compensated this and the experience was a total success for me. I liked to stand in the middle because everyone in the audience in the play.

The play lasted for about two hours, it was a perfectly magnificent story and funny. It also contained some tragic parts but all ended happily and I think that everybody got what they wanted. Time past by so fast that I did not believe it when the narrator entered the stage and said the final words. First it was total quite but then everybody started to applaud and shout out their appreciation. The actors ...

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