Colour doesn''t matter

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uppladdat: 2008-04-27
Felicia Moren

Felicia Moren 26 år

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"In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn''''t speak up because I wasn''''t a Communist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn''''t speak up because I wasn''''t a Jew.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn''''t speak up because I wasn''''t a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn''''t speak up because I was a Protestant.
Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up."

by : Martin Niemöller

Do we have the right to decide which colour that’s the best?
I’ve been seeing movies about prejudices about racism and the hate against coloured people. In those movies, you can see that almost everyone got prejudices, in one way or another. The white people are afraid of the blacks, and the blacks are afraid of the whites. No one gives anyone a chance. The judge each other just by looking. In the film American history x, the opinions are quite clear. Blacks should not live.
One of the head characters did not in the start hate blacks, but when he heard his father’s opinion he changed his own. And it didn’t get better when blacks killed his father. After the accident he became the leader of a Nazi-movement. And one day he killed two blacks. In the prison the other whites hated him. So the only friend he got was a black man. This changed his life.
So, are we that different? I read that 1/3 of all the black in America are in prison. They mentioned it in American History X as well. Why is it so many blacks in jail? Is it as Derek said? Do they have it in their blood? Is that their nature? Is it because of the title we give them, because of what we force them to do? And can it be that we, the whites, judge them in court?

The other movie, Crash, included lots of people. All with different backgrounds and colour. When things didn’t work out, as the blacks wanted, they started to blame it on the whites. One of the blacks said
“ The whites would do anything, just to make us look stupid ”. And, so did the whites, they blamed all the bad things in this world on the blacks and the Arabs. So, everyone promote to make our world more divided.
One other thing that makes me upset is about the Jews. Because I cant understand the ones who states that the annihilate never happened. By saying that, you spit the victims right in their face. Life would feel wonderful when your families and friend got killed on the concentration camp, and you survived, and people keep telling you that it’s just a story you made up. But it feels hard to say that people, all people have got bad thoughts about people that aren’t as them selves. I have. But, I also got coloured friends, friends that I love and care for very much. But I can’t help thinking, that sometimes, for example those times when you are walking by a group of blacks on the street, that they are dangerous and you can’t trust them. So, instead you’re just speeding up. I am not proud of it. I want to trust them. Maybe, we are just not used to their way to live. Even if that’s no excuse.
We should not need to have three arguments to show that colour doesn’t matter. But as I said, for the most of us, it isn’t that obvious. So I guess, this would be my arguments:

* We are created at the same way (for some, by the same god)
* We are adjust to the place we originate from.
* We can not do anything about it.

So… What can I say?

The special treatments are not only white against black. No, it happens everywhere. Man against woman, white against white, Protestants against Catholics, Christians against Jews.
You don’t fight against Racism and Nazism by fight against the Nazis and Racists. No, you fight against the...

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