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The capital of Spain

The population of Madrid was 3.2 million (December 2005), while the estimated urban area population was 5.1 million. The entire population of the Madrid metropolitan area was calculated to be 5.84 million.
Following the restoration of democracy in 1975 and Spain''''s integration into the European Union, Madrid has played an increasing role in European finances, that’s what makes Madrid one of the most important European metropolises.

The population of Spain is around 45 millions (Exactly 45,116,894). Most of the peoples live in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or Valencia. The Reason of that is because the cities I just mentioned are the four biggest in Spain.


Spain makes a lot of money from tourism. Every year there comes thousands of tourists to rent an apartment, renting cars and go to restaurants. They are also selling a lot of fruit and vegetables to other countries for example, oranges, apples, bananas, salad and much more. Spain is the largest per capita seafood and products consumer in the EU. The Spanish fishing fleet is the largest within the EU and totals 18,900 vessels. 81,000 Spaniards work as sailors on fishing boats and over 500,000 other Spaniards work in the fish industry. In 1993, catches amounted to 1,162,963 tons.


Mainland Spain is dominated by high plateaus and mountain ranges, such as Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees. Running from these heights are several major rivers such as the Tajo, the Ebro, the Duero, the Guadiana and the Guadalquivir. Alluvial plains are found along the coast, the largest of which is that of the Guadalquivir in Andalusia.


The climate of Spain is much varied. The northern regions are cool and humid, but the central plateau is cold in the winter and hot in the summer; Madrid has a winter average of about 8°C and a summer average of 23°C. In the southern regions the climate is temperate except in the summer, when temperatures sometimes reach above 40°C in the shade.


Catholicism is the main religion in Spain. About 76% of the Spaniards self-identify as Catholics, about 2% with another religious faith, and about 19% identify as non-believers or atheists. A study conducted in October 2006 by the Spanish Centre of Sociological investigations shows that 54% of the ones who self-identify as Catholics or other religious faith hardly ever or never go to church.

Food Culture

The Spanish are very passionate about their food and wine. Spanish food can be described as quite light with a lot of vegetables and a huge variety of meat and fish. The entry level to Spanish food is found in bars as tapas, which is like starters or appetizers, but is instead considered side orders to accompany your drink. Paella is the Spanish national dish and it contains mussels, rice, chicken, saffron and much vegetables.

Spanish Music

Spanish music is really synonymous with flamenco, an Andalusian genre of music, but in fact this style is not representative of all Spain. There are many different regional styles of folk music, and the modern styles of popular culture, such as Pop, Rock, Hip hop and Heavy Metal are now the most popular, as elsewhere.


Sport in Spain has been traditionally dominated by football, cycling and bullfighting (since the 17th century). Today, Spain is a major world sports power, especially since the 1992 Summer Olympics that were hosted in Barcelona and promoted a great variety of sports in the country. The great touristic attraction of the country has caused an improvement of the sports infrastructure, especially for water sports, golf and skiing. Formel-1 is also a big sport in Spain. They have one good driver called Fernando Alonso and he won the championship last year


The celebration of the 12 gongs at 12:00 am of the 1st. Of January with the eating of the twelve grapes. This is a fun and yet tricky thing, ..."Why so?" We''''ll try to eat and swallow twelve grapes in twelve seconds! ...Now you can imagine! Nevertheless, the idea behind it is that if you are able to eat all twelve in twelve seconds, you will have a prosperous new year. "But , do you know when twelve o''''clock is?" Well, decades ago, in many families the patriarch would pick up a pan or pot and just go at it hitting it twelve times. Today, however, La Puerta del Sol in Madrid rules on that day! There is a clock on top the La Puerta, and when the twelve sound, you ''''d better be ready to start gulping those grapes. Just one word of advice, before the twelve official gongs, there are the cuartos, four gongs of a higher pitch that announce and prepare you for the twelve. Many people confuse them with the actual twelve; beware of the Cuartos!

Cloth culture

Much of Spanish traditional dress is very colourful. Many Spanish citizens dress in traditional clothing for festivals, and some traditional clothing can be seen today during bullfights, the matadors costume has remained virtually unchanged. The bullfighter’s cloak, the cape de paseo, worn for his ceremonial entry into the ring, was richly decorated and cut into a semi circle with a collar, ...

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