A place in my heart

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uppladdat: 2007-10-03
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A place in my heart week 32-33
The place in my heart is my fantasy, when all is rough and though I sink back into the depths of my mind, and float into a world of deception with great happiness and joy.
The location in my mind has no name, names destroy the beauty of things…
I usually get there when things are hard and I need to relax.
When I’m with other people, I leave them alone with my body, and an faraway look in my eyes, because I am in the place of my heart.
Sometimes I lay down or sit, trying to get a bit of rest, and float away into my fantasy.
But the first thing I see when I come to the place of my heart, is an cherry blossom tree.
The tree trunk is mahogany brown, and stands with some kind of pride by blossom out.
And the pink sakura-flowers float slowly down from the thin branches.
My feet stand in milky white grass, that seems to been growing quite wild, and if you take a second look they have a soft blue shade.
I tear my eyes from the cherry blossom tree and look to the right, I am met by the sight of the white, glowing grass going on, in what looks like an eternity.
I’m met by the same sight to the left.
A quavering, supernal song, reaches my ears, if I recall correctly it’s the song of an phoenix.
I look at the sky that nearly, unobserved goes from soft baby blue to darker shades, and then goes on, only to end in stars that are glittering in a velvet, maroon sky.
A small sheet of clouds covers a bit of the baby blue sky close to the tree, and some cotton like clouds play in the wind.
A warm breeze blows by, and I start to take slow, and deep breaths, the breeze had left a kind of sweet, flowery scent.
Calmly, I go through the soft grass, towards the cherry blossom tree, and sit down, with my back resting on the secure, comfortable tree trunk.
My back feels oddly warm from the tree, the warmth spreads from the back, to the heart, then through my whole body.
I feel an absolute calm, and joy, just sitting here, resting having no problems to think about, no person bothering me.
The phoenix bird emitted a low, soft, melodic shriek.
Slowly, but securely, an jazz up feeling of infinite possibilities strikes me, everything is all right in me, nothing is wrong, everything is ok.
My mind is clear, without any problems or bothers, a feeling of increasing exhilaration, is floating around in my body.
I feel happ...

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Inactive member [2007-10-03]   A place in my heart
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