The first time...

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uppladdat: 2007-05-13
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I remember the first time I went to the ocean. I were in Poland, and if you wonder why I were in Poland it’s only because all my relatives live there, and my family travel there once or twice a year to meet them. But well, then I heard about the ocean by my cousin Ania (she’s two years older than me) and that she’s been there and she told me how it was. And from then on I were captivated by the ocean, so I asked my parents if we could go there. My dad laughed and said “if we have time we’ll go”. My mum smiled with a tiny wrinkle on her forehead when I asked her. “Well I wish to go but I don’t know if there’s enough time. We truly have so much to do” she said. Well but either way we got some time and my family and some relatives went with us. I were very, very excited, me and my cousin (Ania) talked in the car all the way to the ocean about what we were going to do. It was very hard to find a parking lot because there were so many people, and it was summer vacation, the sun were boiling hot and people wanted to cool themselves. But well, after about half an hour we found a place and parked the car there. I were literally jumping in excitement over being there. So we went thru the crowd and walked the way to the ocean. The walk took about 5-10 minutes. We walked on the pavement then the coniferous forest, there were a forest close to the ocean. And we had to go down by some old and a bit decayed wood stairs. But when we did that, we came to the ocean and it were full of people, we had some problems finding a free space to place our things, but we found a free spot. Well, so I stripped down to my bathing suit (I had a bathing suit underneath my clothes) and ran, or more zigzagged thru the many people who were laying on their towels on the beach, and I ran into the ocean. When I put down my feet into the ocean water, it felt very cold and there were rocks on the bottom so I took it more careful there. The ocean were refreshing and I walked deeper into the ocean, and dove into the water and got a mouthful of cold salty water when I came up, because the waves had struck me. When I were done coughing up all water my cousin were smiling right behind me with a boll and threw it at me and started a war. Well it went on like that and when we got tired we went up and decided to buy ice cream. It didn’t take long time to find ice cream because there were numerous stands, if you walked up the stairs. And my cousin found the most delicious ice cream stand there. There were a line of people who wanted to buy ice cream there. My cousin and I stood in line and waited at our turn. When it came to my turn I bought a vanilla-chocolate ice cream, and happily licked on it. It was very creamy and cold. We started to walk back with the ice cream. My mother waved at us and we steered the way there, and sat down on our towels. I felt as if I were in heaven. And in the end of the day ...

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