The Voyage Of Your Life

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My name is Sandra Johansson and I am 18 years old. I live with my family, my mother Karin, my father Johan and my little brother Emanuel in a big red house in Sweden. I have just finish school, so now I want to see the world!

I really like to travel, meet new people and learn new languages. One of my biggest dreams is to sail to west India. I think I am a very outgoing person, I like to have fun and I am very easy to amuse.

I’ve got the Idée to this trip from my own. One day I looked in the internet and found a site there you could travel with a lot of people from different countries in a boat around India, One week later reserved a ticket. I paid the travel all by my self and everything else.

One month later I’ve got an E-mail from the leader of this trip, He wrote little about the journey and the people I was travelling with. It was 2 from USA, 1 from Greece , 1 from Kina and 2 from Australia. It was a quit big boat named, Lindsay.

I really look forward to this trip, and to meet all the people.

Task 1

Hello Family!

I hope that everything is fine and you all are feeling good!
I’m fine and I have the greatest time of my life here on the boat. We have so much fun. We have sailed to many different islands on the days and sometimes we just do stuffs on the boat. The people I’m travelling with are very kind and we have very fun together. I will never forget this is experience.

But I have a little problem. One day when we was on one island, Baratang. I’ve got robed! So I have no money left to the rest of this journey. So, since you are the best parents in the world, can you send me some more money?

Presumably are we home again in one week!

Miss you, and love you even more


Task 2

On our ninth day on the boat something terrible happened. It was a quit sunny on the day but in the evening a storm came up and the boat almost flew over the ocean. Everybody on the boat was scared but we talked to each other and telling that everything would be fine.

Abruptly the boat was struck by lightning and everybody took their property and jumped in the sea in hope of saving their lives.

After that I don’t remember so much, I just know that I saw the boat burning and I heard somebody screaming after that I just hold on to the door I had found floating around.

The day after I woke up and I was still floating on the door around in the middle of the sea. I didn’t see anything, just water, the boat was gone, all the people was gone everything was gone. The only thing I had left was my bag with some stuff in it and the door I was floating on. I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t do so much, only float around on the door. The only food I had with me in my bag was 2 apples and 4 tins. I also had one bottle with fresh water.

So in four days I just floated around in the sea and when I was really really hungry I eat an apple. It was very hot so I wanted do drink a lot of water, but because I only had one bottle of water I had to save it, because I didn''''t now how long I was going to float around in the sea.

Which made me very dizzy and then I started hallucinating things, so when I saw an island I thought I was hallucinating it, but I wasn''''t!

Task 3

1. A Bag: I keep all my things in it. And if I found something on this Island I can have it in my bag and carry it “home”.

2. A Pocket Knife: I can need it on the island to cut down some branches to build something to sleep under in the night. I can also use it to protect my self from danger. And I can use it to cut down some coconuts or bananas, if I find coconuts or banana trees.

3. A Rope: I can have it to many different things, for example if I need to draw heavy things or hang up something.

4. Tins With Food: I need food to survive. You never know how long you are going to stay on the island and you never know if the island is inhabited.

5. A Fishing-Net: So I can catch some fish to eat.

6. A Book: So I can read when I have boring.

7. Money (in a plastic bag): If the island was Inhabited, so I can buy me an air/boat ticket home.

Task 4

Hello Somebody!

My name is Sandra and I’m stuck on this island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I don’t know witch Island, I think this island is a desert Island so I really need help!

I was on a journey with a lot of people in a boat and one night a storm came up and our boat was struck by lightning, and everybody jumped over board.

I don’t know where the others are and if they are alive. But I’m stuck on this island and I really need help!

H E L P ! !


Task 5

The island was very nice, there was a lot of palm trees and other different trees and
A lot of plants. There was also a lot of white sand on the beach. I walked in to the middle of the island; I saw a lot of coco nuts threes and banana trees. The island smelled very nice and fresh it was really beautiful. I founded some flowers that was so beautiful and smelled so wonderful! I really liked the vegetable kingdom.

After a while I found a pineapple tree and I was really hungry after four days in the water so I took a pineapple and it was so good the taste was like no other pineapples I had ever tasted before. Then I felt much better, so I continued exploring the island.

It was quite quiet I only heard some birds chirp and the wind went through the tree-crowns and made a calming sound.

I continued to walk towards the middle of the island and after a while on foot I found a river with fish in, so I thought that here I can get food if I don’t find any people on this island. I also tasted the water, it was quite cold and it tasted very good.

When I came back from my experience I was very tired and homesick. I haven’t found anything but trees and other plants.
But I just Sat down in the white soft sand and looked over the ocean it was so beautiful but so lonely. This island is deserted, I am the only one here.

Task 6

Lonely, so lonely
I’m sitting here on my own
Waiting for you, waiting for you
Until all my hope is gone

How could this happened to me
I’m, hoping that you
Someday will find me
I’m waiting for you

Lonely so lonely
I’m sitting here on my own
Waiting for you, waiting for you
Until all my hope is gone …

Task 7

One morning I woke up and screamed, there were two people looking at me.
It was a man and women, they looked like they were in their fifties. The women was quit short and had long black hair she looked very nice and careful. The man was tall and had short black hair and looked a little angry but in some way kind of nice. Both were much thinned.

Suddenly the women start talking with me,

- Hello, do you speak English?
- Hey, yes I do. But who are you? And do you live here?
- Ok, I am Jane and He is Patric. No we came to this island six months ago after our country vas destroyed by a hurricane.
- Ok, my name is Sandra and I came here yesterday. I was on a boat with a lot of other peoples, and out boat was struck by a lightning. Are you the only people that are alive on this Island?
- We think so…

We continued speaking to each other, they told me a lot of this island where we can find food and fresh water. They also showed me theirs hut, it was very nice and modern. Patric was very smart and he had built a lot of some palm trees and other things on the island. Jane was very good at cooking and she knows a lot about plants, what you can eat and don’t eat. The only thing that not was so good was that they both were quit old and weak.

I stayed with them and helped them with a lot of thing and we get on together.
Everything was fine and it was so nice to have somebody to talk to. We learned so much about each other. Patric was a man with will about doing things. He was quit obstinate. Jane was very good in the kitchen and se knows a lot about everything. She was so kind, and she always had a story to tell me about. I really liked them.

So, I stayed with them and helped them with a lot of thing and we get on together.

Task 8

One day we all got in to a stupid fight, after that we decided to write down 5 rules. Here they are:

1. Listen to each other
Everybody must listen to each other, if we want to survive and hopefully get home someday. Presumably is this the most important rules. If we listen to each other we can do things better and we can develop each others ideas.

2. We must stick together
We are the only one on this island, anything can happen. If we are together we can do things better and survive easier.

3. No complaint
Everybody does so much they can. We are on a desert island and we don’t have much food and other stuff so we do the best we can.

4. Share
If someone fined food He/she must take it to the Hut. So everybody can eat it. We need a lot of food if we want to survive and have the energy to build things around the hut, and perhaps a boat so we can sail home someday.

5. Think positive
If we try to think positive all the time things go better. We must think that someday, somebody will fine us and if they don’t, we sail home in a boat we have built on our own. It’s all going to be fine if we just se it on the bright side!


Sandra Johansson

Jane Senders

Patric Senders

Task 9

(ritade en egen karta)

Task 10

I have been here on this island in 3 weeks now, and I really miss home and my family. I miss my friends and have somebody that’s knows me to talk to. I also miss all my things att home.

Obvious do I want to have my family here, but I also want to have music, and my Ipod is in the top. I love music and it makes me feel good and happy, so I think music would be a good thing to make me do a lot of things and feel better, se things in a better way and really set in motion for me.

Task 11

Cinderella Island

“Don’t Give Up, Things Always Get Better”

- The Queen

Now have I been here for almost 5 months, and we all have decided to choose a king or a queen that could take care of problems and other things. The king/queen need to know what he/she is doing and really can take care of this island.

So the three of us decided that I, Sandra will be the queen over Cinderella Island. Because I’m young, I believe that I can do something to this Island so we can live here forever if we want to. Jane and Patric decided it from the beginning, they thought I really wanted this and they also said that they never could survive without me, I had done so much do this island. I had given it a name, a flag and a chance to be something big.

That’s why we decided that the queen of this island is, Sandra Johansson.

Task 12

Now I have bin queen on Cinderella Island almost 1 year and everything works fine. I really like Cinderella Island and now its feel like I never want to leave it, I just want my family and rinds to be here to. But times go so fast here we have so much to do on the days.

Every morning we get up and Jane does breakfast, Patric cuts wood and I clean and pick around some stuff in the hut. After breakfast we do some different things, sometimes we just have fun, swim in the ocean, play some game that we have invented and just relax. Otherwise we laundry, walk around on the island and look after food and other things we can benefit by.

Since it is so warm on the days, we haft to do a lot of things in the evening, like fishing, catch some other food, meliorate the hut and get some branches.

Sometimes we make a fire, really good food and tell each other about home, family, friends and everything we miss. It makes us feel home sick but we are there to support each other and it makes things well again.

Days turns to nights and nights turns to days and life goes on we like it here on Cinderella island and we have almost all the time something to do.

Task 13

I was on Cinderella Island in 5 years before it’s suddenly showed up a boat. When we saw the boat I started to run out in the water and Jane and Patric started to scream to the boat! At last shall we be saved.

After five years on Cinderella Island was I so extremely happy to meet my family and friends. Everybody was so different, special Me.
Obvious I like to be ho...

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