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J.R.R Tolkien (John Ronald Ruel Tolkien) was born in 1892. Before Tolkien was born his parents had moved to South Africa. His father believed that he could make some financial improvements over there. Not long after him, his mother gave birth to his brother Hilary.

Hilary could not stand the warm climate in Africa, so the family had to move back to England. Actually Tolkien preferred the English environment towards Africa. He became very fond of the nature.

Early in his life he developed an interest in drawing and writing. He where home schooled by his mother and in the early age of four, he had already learned how to read. He also had a big talent for languages (this would sooner effect his writing). As he grew up he continued his studies and soon he had learned German, France and Latin.

As the year passed, tragically the World War One came to England. Tolkien served the army and bounded with many soldiers. Sadly he was the only one to survive of them and after the war when he came home he got very depressed (some say that he wrote the books in honour to his fallen friends and if that is the case I think it is very admirable).

He later on became friend with another famous writer who lived at the same time, C.S. Lewis the author of the books of Narnia. These two men shared the same passion for writing novels based on imagination and old legends (Tolkien has taken very many old legends and used them so that they will fit his books).

It was a sad day when J.R.R Tolkien died in 1973. The cause of death was an infection and bleeding stomach wounds.

Lord of The Ring started as a story for his children when they where going to bed. But later on he started to improve the story and he sent the collection that he had made to a publishing company and the rest is history.

There are many novels about the world in Middle- Earth. Even though many people have only heard of the three books that belong to the trilogy. But the truth is that there are so many more novels that he has made for his imagination world. He said that he had so many untold storeys that he just couldn’t take them with him to the grave. Some examples of the other books he wrote is;
Silmarilion, Tales From Middle- Earth, The Red Book and many more. It took him no longer then eighteen years to finish them all.

As I mentioned earlier he had a big talent for languages, and they came very well to use now. For all the novels he made he created non-more then twenty-one different languages (but the experts do not agree in this question, some says he only! made fourteen different languages).

Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf are all main characters in the trilogy. They fight for the survival of the good things in Middle- Earth. Together they start a journey to destroy a ring that has belonged to the Dark Lord Sauron.
During their adventure they run in to many difficulties. They fight against orcs, they get betrayed and even betray each other. But in the end they all succeed. So I think the messages in these books are very clear, fight together, stay loyal and have faith and you will see that even the most hopeless things can be done.

In my opinion these are the best books in the world. The have everything that I want from a book that I read. As a little footnote I thought that I would mention that his books came in first place in a world-wide voting. The voting was to determin...

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