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The frisbee game has its inspiration from pie dishes and UFO’s. In 1940 at the Frisbie Pie Company the teenagers didn’t have anything to do on their breaks so they started to throw pie dishes to each others and to get the receivers attention they yelled “frisbie”.
At the same time America was shelled by information about UFO’s. A man called Fred Morrison, got inspired and made copies of flying saucers and when he was at the beach he saw teenagers throwing pie dishes to each others and screamed “frisbie”. He started to make frisbee’s and sell. Fifteen years later the first competition was arranged.

Sweden is well known by peoples that are practising different sorts of frisbee games. In 1986 the Swedish Guts team won world championship in England, and we have also won the European championship a couple of times. The last time we won a big competition was in Tokyo 1993, when the Swedish Ultimate team won the world championship against USA.

There are many ways to play frisbee. You can play individual frisbee and frisbee in teams. The two most famous frisbee games are Ultimate frisbee and Frisbee golf. But Guts, Precision and Double disc court are also well known.

Ultimate frisbee
You compete in Ultimate in the Olympic games. Ultimate are one of two frisbee games were you’re competing in teams, the other one is Guts. In one team there are seven players, but that is only if your competing outside, otherwise there are just five players.
Ultimate is a very special game because its one of the few sports were you don’t have a judge. Yes, that’s actually true. The players have to know the rules well, respect the other players and take responsibility of his or hers actions. This is called “the spirit of the game”.

The rules are pretty simple, but to make them even more simple to explain I call the two teams that are competing to each other team A and team B:
The game starts with one of the players in team A throws the disc, that’s another name of the frisbee, over to the other side of the ground, to team B. You have to throw the disc as fast as you can because it can’t be still for more than ten seconds, then its the other teams “ball”. So if the player in team B, who took the disc when team A throw it over is holding it for 12 seconds team A will get the disc back. You can’t run with the disc in your hand ether.

If the disc touches the ground it will ”go over” to the other team. So if we say that team A still has the frisbee and one of the players throw’s it to another player in the team but he drops it then its team B:s disc. Its the same rule if the disc is touching the ground in another way.
A very important rule is that you can’t touch other players in purpose.
Now you know all the rules except for how to score. That’s simple. You just have throw the disc to one of your partners in the striking area. He or she can’t touch the lines for the striking area, because then its not a goal.

The team who wins the game is the one who reach 21 points first, but you have to win with 2 points, its just like in table tennis and badminton
The ground is 109 meters long and 35 meters wide. Its divided in tree zones, two striking areas and one field. The striking areas are 22 times 35 meters.

Frisbee golf
Frisbee golf is a sport that is growing bigger and bigger. Probably because you practise the game outside and you can be together with your friends and at the same compete against them. Its also very cheap to play. All you need is a frisbee. You can play it everywhere. The people that plays the games professional often have like four or five disc’s but that isn’t necessary.

In this game the rules are even easier than in Ultimate. Its the same rules than in normal golf. You play at a course with nine or e...

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