Principal Speech

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uppladdat: 2016-10-05
Oskar Jagstedt

Oskar Jagstedt 17 år

Stockholm, Sweden
High School : Kunskapsskolan
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Principal Speech

I’ve noticed a recent trend lately. As the principal at this school, I’ve seen it better than anybody else. For the past several years, this school’s overall grades have dropped significantly, which has troubled both us, the teachers, you, the pupils, as well as your parents. The consequences that will result because of this may be very severe to your future career and lifestyle, and the time and effort you put into studying will result in much greater things than simply ignoring it.


Every hour, every minute, every single second, you put into your schoolwork will eventually pay off, in one way or another, while the time you spend on doing other non- related school activities instead of studying, will for the most part only be time lost. And yes, I understand school can be difficult, stressful and sometimes generally boring, but you have to understand that to get to “heaven”, you first need to go through “hell”. If you choose to ignore running through this “hell”, you will never have the chance to get to this “heaven”, which is the future in which you feel proud of your decisions and actions in the past.


You have your own dreams and goals in life, yes? Those will most likely never come to fruition, as long as you spend your time right now on the wrong things. If you go through your school life, unaware or ignorant over the time you may have wasted, you will either have to live with several part- time or dead- end jobs, or go through school again a second time, but nobody wants to do that, right? To spend your valuable, precious time on planet earth, repeating something you’ve already done before. Time is precious in this world, and if you don’t use it correctly it will all go to waste. One day, you’re sixteen years old and standing on top of the world, while the next day you’re seventy years old and regretful over what you could have done when you had the chance to make something of your life. And some may say “I don’t care about what my future entails for me”, but even though you may think like that, it’s still good to have options on how you want to live your life. Your options in this world can, depending on what career you choose to pursue, depend on your grades in school, and there’s only one chance of getting a high one. It’s now or never.


So, what’s the matter? Are you scared of the work life, or are you simply ignorant over the time you may waste during school? You have dreams, goals, and unlimited potential, but it will all go to waste unless you do something about it. That something is work you need to do, which we, the teachers, will gladly help you with. But we’ll only help you if you decide to help us, and give us a reason to care about your studies. Even though you may not want to become a doctor, an engineer or anything of the sort, having good grades gives you options in life. You may change your mind over what you want to do when you enter your work life, and then you may want to change your career and lifestyle entirely. Without good enough grades, that will be very difficult. Remember, you choose to study not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard. And as long as you make it easy for yourself and don’t go that extra mile to put some effort into studying, either out of fear, ignorance or anxiousness, you will most likely end up regretting what you could’ve done when you had the chance.

But it’s not too late yet! You still have time to study hard and raise your grades to a point in which you feel comfortable with them. You can be anything you want in life as long as you take the opportunity in front of you and put some effort into it. But you can’t do it tomorrow, you have to do it now, or you’ll never get around to it. I don’t want to see you fail as a student, as I’m very well aware of the consequences that may r...

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Oskar Jagstedt [2016-10-05]   Principal Speech
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