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I thought I had become immune towards all the crap that is happening all around the world right now
but yet there’s grown men taking children, women being raped in the middle of the day, tears among
mothers burying their sons, brothers being killed, lives are being lost but no voices are heard. The
people are weak, the heat is brutal, they have no clean water, no food, people are fleeing in groups
of thousands, a slaughter no one seems to be aware of, the whole planet is sleeping while it’s
covered in flames.


We live in a country where the majority of the habitants live under good circumstances. We live in a
country with a bright future for all youths. We live in a country where the elderly can lean back and
trust in being well taken care of by the society. We live in a land of democracy and freedom of
speech. You decide over your own life. You make your own choices along your own interests. You
have the freedom and ability to reach your goals and make your dreams come true. But
unfortunately this doesn’t apply to all people. In war affected areas there are women and men, boys
and girls who lives under horrible circumstances where bombs, poverty, diseases, rapes and misery is
their everyday, and their only prayer is to wake up the next day.
Today there are over 50 million people in the world who’s living on the run with the hope of a better
life, with the hope of a roof above their heads instead of bombs and planes, with the hope of finding
happiness again. 1.6 per mille of these 50 million are knocking on Swedens door. And if you can’t
open the door for these people, can you call yourself a fellowman? Can you look an innocent child in
the eyes who just crossed death and ask the child to return to the war where its family died?

Arg 1

The Swedish state spends, according to Försäkringskassan, approximately 3,5 million crowns on a
child from the day of birth until he ends upper secondary. Imagine how much we would save on
taking in educated manpower with higher education and specialists in different areas. Refugees with
good education and with an anchor in the life of a working man in their own countries will promote
the Swedish economy in a long term.


Jimmie Åkesson states that the big stream of refugees will affect the Swedish welfare negatively
because the state will spend money on refugees instead of elaborating the social benefits. He
suggests that instead of taking them into Sweden, we should help them in their own countries.


But it’s not enough! The help must be made in all possible ways, both on place and here in Sweden.
One does not exclude the other. What’s happening in for example Kobané and other parts of the
Middle East where young girls are being raped, married off or sold and where young boys are forced
into the army. Isn’t that evidence enough to let the people who are seeking security and protection
among us in? When Jimmie can guarantee that they won’t be blown up into pieces under the night
or that the young girl won’t get raped, well, then his argument make sense

Arg 3

No one chooses to leave their family to run away to a foreign country, but some are left with no
other options. A lot of people from the middle east fled from political injustice under the 80:s.

Dictators ruled and if you uttered in a wrong way you risked your life. My aunts husband was one of
those. He fled from injustice, death and repression and came to a Sweden that welcomed him with
open arms, to a Sweden where the future seemed bright, to a Sweden where hope and happiness
became two dominating factors in his life. This was where he met my aunt. If Sweden would have
closed the door and thrown away the key when he knocked my cousins would not be here today....

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