A horrible tale

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uppladdat: 2003-12-28
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A horrible tale…

There is a special sort of people or rather a special sort of children, these children witch are born with a mental disease as mean that they are born with a strong hate towards their parents. Now I’ll tell you a story about this one girl, who was born with this disease.

This girl was named Melissa. Melissa had just become 16 years old and she lived in the little neighbourhood Piedmont in North Dakota. Melissa had never liked her parents, not because they treated her badly, just that she had an instinctive hate. Melissa was a very beautiful young woman except for the scars in her wrists she cut up all the time. She was very self-destructive but she kicked and hit at things in her surroundings. This had lead to coercion occupy to mental institution a couple of times. Because of her aggressive behaviour she was not treated so well and because of that she was not positive to spend her time there.

One morning when she had come home from the mental institution, again after a long visit, it all went over control. The parents had a stressed morning and when Melissa came and began with her harasses they got enough. They screamed at her and regret themselves over why they get a so abortive daughter. Melissa’s reaction was the usual one, she started to kick and punch and threat to take her life. But Melissa’s mothers answer was unexpected; she said that she would not feel for her anymore. She could gladly take her life, and then they don’t need to provide for her anymore. Melissa got even angrier, she run up to her room and locked herself in there. The parents took none press item about that, instead they continued to gather their breakfast and went to work, as nothing had happened. Melissa threw herself on the bed, switched on rumbling music and took out her knife she otherwise used when she was indignant or depressed. But instead to cut her wrists she got another idea. This time she was going to act stronger then what she had done earlier. So instead to hurt herself she this time going to take out her anger on her parents. She began to prepare her parents returning by calling one of her friends she got on the mental institution. When they had reached a good solution they agreed to meet in the afternoon. She took herself something to eat, and the she went up to her room and took her knife from the bedside table. After that she went up to her parent room and started to vandalize the furnishing. She ripped up the pillows, cut up the curtains, trashed the chest of drawers and crashed the pictures. When she sensed that she was satisfied she closed the door and imagined that nothing had happened. When the afternoon approached she looked for the money her parents had collect for a long time to a holiday that she wasn’t thought to be with them. When her friend arrived they did a quick exchange, she handed over the money and her friend gave her a shoebox with something that wasn’t adapted to the box size. Melissa opened the lid on the box and took up a firearm weapon and a magazine filled with cartridge. She checked the gun and could at least see that it was a Beretta she held. She went down and started to clear up in the basement. She picked up all the tools to her parents room and then she went to get a hammer, nails and fence. After that she went out in the garden and began to nail again the basement windows. Since most of the neighbours were at work no one noticed what she did. Melissa went in again, she showered and then she started with the dinner, but all the time she carried the firearm she got this afternoon. When the parents got home they got a surprise. Melissa had made dinner and laid the table and now asked both of them to sit down and enjoy the food. They looked at her with a surprised look but said nothing. When they finally had taken a seat and Melissa did so to and served the dinner, they ate in silence. Until her mother looked up and said – Melissa what has happened? Melissa stood up and responded – Well, I have decided to change my life, and you’re playing a big part in that change. Melissa put her hand in the pocket and took up her firearm. Her parents looked at her frightened.
– The first thing we should do is to take care of the biggest problem, which means you. Do you understand what I’m saying? Both of them nodded with fair in their eyes. Good, the first thing you should do is to go down to the basement so no one will be hurt.

Melissa forced her parents down for the stairs and into a basement space where there were no furniture at all. She took her firearm and pushed it to her mothers neck, and ordered her father to bind his wife that when she moved the rope pushed harder neck. Melissa tied her father in the same way that she had ordered him to tie up her mother. There was no light in the room after Melissa nailed in all the windows. She went up for the s...

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Inactive member [2003-12-28]   A horrible tale
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