Of mice and men karaktärsanalys

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uppladdat: 2003-04-17
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Written by Malin Lundberg
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2003- 03- 20
779 words

Character Analyze of “of mice and men”

I am going to compare two characters and I have chosen Lennie and George. They are each other’s opposites and the only thing they got in common is that both of them tries to be as nice as possible to each other.
Why I choosed these two personalities is because they are so different as persons but still such good friends.
They hvre incredible characters that shows very different kind of personalitys. You get one first impression of them and then they show that they aren’t the way You thought.
Immediately you think that Lennie is the aggressive one and George the little and quiet one.

“ The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp strong features. Behind him walked his opposite, a huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide sloping shoulders and he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws”.

In the beginning of the book John Steinbeck tells us in detail how Lennie and George look. He describes the persons direct and doesn’t write in riddles as Imre Kertész that wrote the book “Mannen utan öde”. He builds up the book instead and then you have to read between the lines to realize how the persons are and what they look like.

Lennie is huge and strong, so many people look up to him with fear. No one wants to mess with him. Actually doesn’t his size fit with his personality. He is so nice as you can be, very gentle, tries to do things so that everyone is pleased, and not to be in anyone’s way. He also got a thing for soft things as fabric and well-brushed hair. He isn’t allowed to speak so much for George and got a really bad memory. From the outside though, he looks really big and strong. Very often Lennie gets in trouble but George always gets him out of it. Also that is because of this strength.

George, his opposite is small and little. He is aggressive and has to pretend that he is as tuff as the big guys. That is because of his size.
Small people often got an integrity because they have to show that they don’t accept to be sat on. He plays ruff and that even though he’s really not. He would do anything for Lennie even though he thinks he is a pain in the ass sometimes. Lennie would do the same thing for him.

“ You was pokin´ your big ears into our business. I dont like nobody to get nosey”
says George when they arrived to the farm. They are talking and hear that someone is listening outside the door. There you notice how George has to make himself heard. Instead could Lennie just open the door and say BUUUHH!!! And that should been more effective.
George found a way to keep Lennie calm and that is to give and take away his privileges. He has been taking care of him for several years and in some way it seems like Lennie tries to pay back by doing as he says and by being as little as possible in the way.
This is one sentence that shows clearly how George got the control and how he takes away his privileges.

“I can still tend rabbits, George?
Sure, you aint done nothing wrong.”

Lennie talks to George as if he was a child and George to Lennie as if he was a father. Lennie is a bit like a big baby and even though he listens and tries to do as you say, he doesn’t succeed because he doesn’t remember the whole sentence.

When they get to the farm Lennie is very quite and that is weird because he has been talking the whole way. That is because, once again, George has told him to shut up, and let him do the talking.

Through the whole book is George complaining over how difficult it is to take care of Lennie and it seem as he doesn’t care so much for him. In the end the whole pi...

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