Teenage weddings

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uppladdat: 2003-04-12
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Denna uppsatsen bygger på en sann historia om mina två bästa vänner. Fast det enda som egentligen är sant är att de älskade varandra, men jag tror att de i slutändan kommer att gifta sig och det är där ingen som kan stoppa. Denna uppsatsen tillägnas det förälskade paret.

Do you believe in love by the first sight? I didn’t until my best friend, Sussie, met her soul mate. It all began in the autumn in 2002. Me and Sussie were going to check up the new owner’s of the shop called Lollos. And there he stood, John, looking at Sussie and she looked at him. It seemed as we stood there for ages. In those days I never thought that they would be a couple by the rest of their lives. But they already knew, since that day in the shop. Anyway, we started to hang out with him and his friends. It was the most pleasant company I ever been with. We were like a family. The time passed by and the year was 2003. It was two weeks left to Valentine. I knew a secret that nobody than me, Mohammad and of course John knew. John was going to ask Theresa to marriage him on Valentine. I already told him that he had to be prepared that her answer would be no. Because even if she wanted to marriage him she was too young and the only way to work it out was to make her parents sign a paper that gives her the opportunity to get marriage. And that would be the last thing that her parents would do, so the whole situation was hopeless. He knew that, but said that he had to give it a try. On Valentine he had to make a big decision, should he ask her to marriage him or wait? Valentine was a wonderful day in February and all of us were on a restaurant. We ate vegetables with rice and curry. After the dinner John wanted to be alone with Sussie so they walked down to the beach and talked about weather and wind. Finally he pulled her against himself and went down and stood on one of his knee. He took her hand in his and a box in the other hand. He opened the box and asked her if she wanted to marriage him. She started to cry and kissed him. But then she seemed sad and he asked her why. She answered that her parents wouldn’t aloud her to get marriage when she only was seventeen. He tried to console her and said that they could at least get marriage about one year. But she wasn’t pleased because she wanted to get marriage immediately. And she said that it wouldn’t be the same thing again when he ask her to marriage him. They talked a lot about it and tried to found a solution, but it didn’t seem to work out. The only solution was to escape to his home country, Lebanon, and get marriage there, but she wasn’t that desperate. When she came home her mother noticed that she was upset and wondered what had happened. She asked her if she have had an argument with me, Clarissa. She told her mother that she wouldn’t understand anyway but her mother forced the truth out of her. She started to yell at her and said that she couldn’t get marriage and Sussie started to cry and asked her why. Her mother answered that she was too young to make her own decisions. Sussie replayed that she loved him and in any case she was going to marriage him when she was eighteen. Her mother told her that so long she lives under her roof she had to obey her rules. Finally they made friends, but Sussie was still sad. She wished that teenage weddings should be aloud. Her mother suffered with her and at last she couldn’t stand it anymore so she talked to Sussie and said that she was aloud to get marriage if she really wanted it. Sussie became happy and hugged her mother. She ran immediately to Sussie and told him the good news. He...

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Kommentarer på arbetet

  • Julie Julie 2009-05-13

    you said that the year was 2003 when they met, and at the end you wrote 2 Now seventy years later" how is that possible?

  • Julie Julie 2009-05-13

    you said that the year was 2003 when they met, and at the end you wrote 2 Now seventy years later" how is that possible?


Nina Persson [2003-04-12]   Teenage weddings
Mimers Brunn [Online]. http://mimersbrunn.se/article?id=1972 [2018-04-19]

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