The Power of United States of America

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Karina Sarkissova

Karina Sarkissova

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The whole thing started 1789 and it’s the oldest constitution in the world. Through the years they have added important amendments to make things better, like the Bill of Rights, and so on.
USA is not a parliamentary democracy, and the president doesn’t need support from the congress to practise his role as a president. Under a long time different parties have also controlled the White House and the Congress.
The system that applies in the USA is so called the Presidential power. The president is the head of the state and the head of the government. He has also the power authority.

The president has a government at his side that works consultative. He is choosing his government members all by himself.

His duty is to lead foreign politics of the United States and be the highest commander for the military force. But to declare a war and to approve formal agreements with unknown powers is a job for the Congress. However the president can send American troops abroad without any permission from the Congress.

You must be born in the USA in order to be an American president . You get chosen for four years and can be chosen again one time. The election takes place every four years, in the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. The voters pick out electors that choose the president.
The president can’t dissolve the Congress or make a new election. He can only be removed from his post if he abuses his office he will stand in front of the National Court.
Congress of the United States
The Congress is a legislative part of the federal government. It was introduced in 1789. The Congress has two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

There are senators, two from each state. They have six-year terms and get elected by the people. One third of the senators expire every two years. A senator must be at least 30 years old and a U.S. citizen. He or she must live in the state he/she is elected in. The vice president is the chairman for the Senate.

House of Representatives
Every state has at least one representative. They are chosen for two-year terms, and the re-election is for the entire representative group. A representative must be 25 or older, a U.S. citizen for at least seven years and live in the state he/she is elected for. Also there are representatives from Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They are elected for four-year terms. The members in the House choose the chairman and officer of the House.

The most important responsibility of the Congress is to make laws of the United States.
Capitol is the seat of the U.S. government at Washington DC. George Washington choose the place for the city’s dominating monument. He had help from Major Pierre L’Enfant. The building took many years to build. A several architects were used, and there was also a competition to select an architect. In 1814 the British burnt the uncompleted building, and it had to be a restoration. In the Capitol there also includes 111 hectares of gardens, monuments, memorials, a carillon, fountains and botanical gardens.

The White House
The White House is an official residence for America’s presidents and it’s a symbol for the political power in the United States of America. It’s an executive mansion that is situated on the south side of Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC. The building is constructed of Virginia freestone and has a simple and stately design. High Ionic columns that reach from the ground to the roof pediment form the main entrance. The main building is four stores high, about 52 meters long and 26 meters wide. There are also buildings like the east and west terraces, an executive office, an East Wing, a penthouse and a bomb shelter. They have been added through the years. In the East Room large receptions are usually held. This room is 12 meters by 25 m. Social, diplomatic and official receptions are held in the Blue Room. The Red and Green room is used for private gatherings. The White House started to build after a drawing by James Hoban. George Washington chose the place for the House. In Washington D.C. this is the oldest public building. It was ready year 1800. Then the first president moved in, John Adams.1814 it got partly burned down by British forces during the British-American war. It got restored after that, like the Capitol. The smoke-stained were painted white. The name ”White House” was applied to the building during that time. Through the years some buildings have been built to the house, like the entrance and the West Wing where the president have his office, the Oval Room. The last renovation was made 1948-52. The grounds around the House cover 70 000 square metres. There are broad lawns, fountains, trees and gardens. Andrew Jackson planned the grounds. The White House stands for the president and his staff.

Blue Room -Center of the house
1817 the president James Monroe purchased to have fresh flowers on a marble-top table. The flowers make a special touch to this beautiful room. This room was also a place for wedding to President Cleveland was the first to have a wedding in the White House. The Blue Room is the center on the State Floor.
Many people have visited the oval shaped room with view over the South Lawn. The room is a traditional place to receive guests.
On September 20, 2001 President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair discussed the war on terrorism in this room before the president gave his historic address to Congress and the nation.
In June 6, when President Bush proposed Department of Homeland Security in a televised address to the nation, the Blue Room was visible in the background.

The President hosts a meeting with senior advisers, December 2001.

Cross Hall
On Thomas Jefferson’s time in November 1807 a Western explorer, Lt. Zebulon Pike deposited two grizzly bear cubs at President Jefferson’s doorstep as a living testimony to life in the American West.
Thomas Jefferson turned the entrance into a western museum. There were snakeskins, pelts, skeletons and Indian costumes in 1806 sent by Meriwether Lewis, the White House aide who explored the American West with captain William Clark. In the winter 1807, the president could no longer keep the grizzly so he sent them to a friend in Baltimore. Jefferson’s artefacts in the Entrance Hall kept attract visitors to the White house.
The Entrance Hall leads to a perpendicular hallway that is called the Cross hall, which goes east to west. Now there’s a gallery of portraits on recent presidential portraits there. The portraits hang in the Entrance and in the Cross Hall. The portrait tradition started in President Ulysses Grant’s time.
President Bush and Vladimir Putin go to meet the press November 13, 2001

Oval Office
The first president who walked into the Oval Office was president William Howard Taft, the 27th president. There were silk velvet curtains there and a checkerboard floor made of mahajua wood from the Philippines. The chairs were caribou hide and brass studs covered the chairs in the room. The president chose olive green colour scheme.
Theodore Roosevelt who built the West Wing in 1902 had his office rectangular, but Taft located the office in another place and changed its shape into oval, like the Blue Room. The oval rooms idea started from the beginning at the time of George Washington. At his home in Philadelphia he had two rooms in his house with a bowed-end in each room. The President used the rooms for formal receptions that he called leeves. The guests formed a circle around him. No one was standing at the head or foot of the room, and everyone had the same distance to the president in the middle. The circle became a symbol of democracy and the Blue Room that was oval then was an ideal place to host a leevee. President Taft symbolized his view of the modern-day president with the Oval Office.
1902 the Oval Office got built, and now it’s a symbol of Presidency.
President Nixon talked on the phone with astronauts after a successful voyage in the Oval Office. In September 11, 2001 President George Bush told comforting words to the American people through a televised address from the Oval Office. From that day the Oval Office became a symbol of strength and reassurance.

Family life
On September 9 1893, the first and only child got born in the White House. That was President Grover Cleveland’s second daughter, Esther Cleveland.
The White House has been home for the president and his family since November 1800.
President John and Abigail Adams became the first residents of the mansion. Through the years the families have celebrated family gatherings, birthday parties and holiday dinners. They had also weddings and lost their loved ones.
Many weddings have been taken place in the White House, but the only President that have married in the mansion was Grover Cleveland who married Frances Folsom in 1886.
The East Room has been the site of happy occasions through the years, but it has also been a place where mourners have gathered. Bodies of seven presidents have lain there, including Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy.
When Edith and Theodore Roosevelt moved into the White House with their six children, the mansion got filled with
Roosevelt family portrait (without Alice, the oldest)

Joy and laughter so that the President had to order a construction of a temporary building to serve office space for his staff. Today the building is called West Wing.
The main rooms are:

White House
Blue Room
Cross Hall
East Room
Diplomatic Room
Green Room
Red Room
State Dining Room
China Room

West Wing
Cabinet Room
Oval Office
Press Room
Roosevelt Room

Vice President’s Residence
It’s a white 19th Century house near the Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D. C. It was built for the manager of the United States Naval Observatory. The chief of naval operations liked the house and made it his home in 1923. Then the house got ”taken over” in 1974 by the Congress who turned the house into an official residence of the Vice President.
Before that, the vice president and family lived in their own home, but it would be too expensive to secure these private homes.
Today Richard Cheney and his wife Lynne live in the residence. They have decorated the house with their own furnishings, they have also loaned American art from museum.
The Naval Observatory has continued to operate here. Scientists make observations of the sun, the moon, planets and selected stars.

President George W. Bush
George Bush, the 43rd President of the United States served first for six years as the 46th Governor of the state of Texas. There he had a reputation as a compassionate conservative who shaped public policy based on the principles of limited government, personal responsibility, strong families and local control.

President Bush is born on July 6, 1946 in New Haven, Connecticut. He grew up in Midland and Houston, Texas. From Yale University he earned bachelor’s degree in 1968. Then he served as an F-102 fighter pilot in Texas Air National Guard. 1975, in Harvard Business school the President received a Master of Business Administration. After graduating he moved back to Midland and began a career in the energy business. 1988 he worked on his father’s presidential campaign that went successful.

On November 8, 1994 was President Bush elected as governor with 53,5 percent of the vote. President Bush is the first governor that got re-elected four-year term in a row, he got re-elected on November 3, 1998 with 68,6 percent of the votes.

Since being president, Bush has:

Improved public schools by raising standards, requiring accountability, strengthening local control
Tax relief, lower tax for everyone who pays income taxes in America.
Pay and benefits for America’s military
Saved and strengthen social security and medicine
He has called all Americans to be ”citizens”, not ”spectators”; citizens, not subjects; responsible citizens building communities of service and a Nation of character.

”In our grief and anger we have found our mission and our moment”. Was President Bush’s words hen he declared war against terror and has made victory in the war on terrorism and the advance of human freedom the priorities of his Administration.

The military of the United States and help from other nations have liberated the people of Afghanistan from the brutal Taliban regime and denied Al Qaeda. Thousands of terrorists have been captured or killed, and operations have been disrupted in many countries around the world.

”Our Nation - this generation - will lift a dark threat of violence from our people and our future. We will rally the world to this cause by our efforts, by our courage. We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.”

President Bush is married to Laura Welch Bush, a former teacher and librarian. They have twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna. They have two dogs: Spot and Barney, plus a cat, India.

Vice President,
Richard B. Cheney
Mr. Cheney is born in Lincoln, Nebraska on January 30, 1941 and he grew up in Casper, Wyoming. He went to University of Wyoming and earned Bachelor’s and masters of art degrees. 1969 his career in public service began. He joined the Nixon Administration, and served in a number of positions at the Cost of Living council at the office of Economic Opportunity and wit...

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